Transportation Strategy

GAINS Transportation Strategy Software: Optimize transportation to meet sustainability and profit goals.

GAINS provides transportation strategy designed for flexibility, resilience, and cost savings, driven by insights using real-time data.

Transportation Strategy

Save money, reduce environmental impact, and reduce risk by designing a transportation strategy driven by AI and our state of the art analysis.

Use advanced algorithms to analyze all possible routes, achieving the optimal balance between efficiency and cost.
The GAINS solution is designed to scale with your needs, ensuring cost efficiency is maintained even as the volume of transportation grows. Accounting for variables like fuel costs, tolls, and driver overtime. GAINS provides a detailed breakdown of transportation costs, insights into patterns and trends, identifies areas where savings could be made, and reveals opportunities for optimization.
Multimodal and intermodal transport planning gives businesses increased flexibility and improved reliability while reducing risk.
GAINS can be used by companies with their own fleet or third-party logistics providers to select the optimized mode of transport for your business based on the type of goods, delivery urgency, destination, and other factors. GAINS can also reduce the environmental impact of goods transportation, optimize your capacity utilization, and reduce the risk associated with any one single mode.
GAINS integrates network design with transportation optimization; this marriage of network design and transportation allows the system to suggest improvements based on transportation data and vice versa.
Simulations help prepare for unexpected situations, optimize delivery routes, and make informed decisions about logistics strategy. Using GAINS to model and assess what-if scenarios, users can explore questions related to blocked delivery routes, courier delays, and whether or not to add warehouses or distribution centers to your network.

Core Features: what’s included

Medium to long-term fleet planning

Planning for medium to long-term needs of their transportation fleets, allows organizations to determine their necessary fleet size and capabilities.


The solution is built to run in the cloud, making it easily accessible and scalable.


The solution can be used by companies with their own fleet as well as by those using third-party logistics providers.

Combinatorial shipment optimization

It can handle the enormous complexity of combining shipments in different ways, taking into account a vast solution space.

Fleet rationalization for mergers and acquisitions

The tool is helpful when companies with fleets merge, allowing for the rationalization of combined resources.

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