Order Promising

Build trust with your customers and grow your business.

GAINS provides immediate, reliable order promise dates in seconds that you and your customers can trust. Insights from incoming sales orders, your prioritization strategy, in-production inventory, and supplier lead times, dramatically improve accuracy so your sales and service teams can keep customers better informed, and you can optimize inventory across your channels and customers.

Prioritize and set accurate customer expectations.

Use multi-/tier pegging to prioritize.
Companies need to align their inventory to fulfill every order, but there are customers who need or expect a higher level of service. GAINS Order Promising automatically schedules order fulfillment based on your company’s priorities, putting your most profitable or important customers first.
Share delivery dates with confidence.
GAINS assesses inventories and production schedules to identify accurate dates so you can confidently communicate them to your customers. GAINS Order Promising accounts for capacity constraints, customer schedule requirements (e.g., only ship on Mondays), and overall fulfillment priorities across all demand. And, it does so in seconds.
Empower sales teams.
Your sales team can retrieve a real-time promise date from GAINS without leaving their CRM or other system in seconds. Our API delivers the customer’s earliest promise date from GAINS directly to them, allowing them to complete their conversation and the sale.

Core Features: what’s included

Flexible prioritization

GAINS uses the priortization method you prefer to allocate sales orders and inventory to meet your desired customer order and service levels.

Drive production scheduling

Set your schedules to build materials and produce products to meet order promise dates.

Lead time insights

GAINS looks at current supply as well as the anticipated lead times of new inventory to improve accuracy.

Improve service

With accurate order promise dates, customers learn to trust you more and want to continue and evolve your partnership.

Governs inventory allocations

When inventory is promised to a customer it is no longer available for other sales orders.

Outperforms spreadsheets

Order promising isn’t possible using Excel, as it demands capabilities like prioritization and insights on in-process or inbound inventory that are unavailable.

Improved agility

Before GAINS Order Promising, companies needed days to pull incoming and outbound orders and prioritize them. Now its done in seconds, providing them with answer sooner and more flexibility.

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