Automate the real-time exchange of orders, policies, and forecasts between GAINS and SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Salesforce and others.

Use GAINS Connect to integrate supply chain planning with one or multiple ERPs or systems record for real-time API data exchange that moves your business forward faster.

Improve accuracy.

Eliminate manual entry and improve collaboration between planning and execution teams.

Plans, forecasts, policies, and other supply chain documents drive thousands of decisions that impact your company’s service levels, resiliency, sustainability goals, and bottom line. Eliminate risk with our RESTful API to ensure accurate data communication between GAINS and other systems. 

Improve decisions.

Exchange data to ensure that orders, transfers, allocations, and more are based on the latest insights.

Disruption and volatility are too commonplace to make decisions using outdated insights and analysis. Make the most of your investment in inventory optimization, demand planning, and replenishment strategies by ensuring your latest insights are put into action.

Achieve real-time connections.

Automate and control data flow to and from ERP, CRMs, data lakes, or other systems.

GAINS Connect performs inbound and outbound data exchanges in seconds, making it easy for purchase orders, demand planning data, and inventory parameters to fuel decisions and actions in a timely and accurate manner. Data is made available via the API or by subscribing to key events via webhooks.

Replenish with a single click.

Use Straight Through Replenishment (STR) to initiate order fulfillment

Restocking vital products often requires immediate action, especially in today’s VUCA era. Within GAINS, a planner needs only click ‘submit’ to send an order(s) immediately to SAP, Oracle NetSuite, or other ERP system.

Core Features: what’s included

Publicly available API documentation

GAINS provides open access to its API documentation, empowering companies to use their language of choice and equipping them with detailed reference information.

Retrieve recommendations from GAINS

The GAINS Connect API provides access to outbound data, such as:

• Time series representation of customer demand for all or specific SKUs by location

• Representation of all inventory policies for all or specific SKUs by location

• Retrieve recommended purchase orders, transfer orders, and work orders derived from GAINS replenishment calculations

Dynamically update GAINS 

Automatically load the GAINS Supply Chain Performance Optimization Platform with your master and transactional data sets to eliminate errors and drive actionable decisions.

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