AI-powered decision-making software for complex retail environments.

Faced with unpredictable customer behavior, seasonal variations, and increased competition, it’s critical for retail companies to right-size inventory, streamline order management, and meet customer demands efficiently. GAINS is the complete platform retailers need to accurately forecast demand and respond quickly to changing market dynamics — even in omnichannel environments, storefronts with hundreds of thousands of SKUs, and networks with a multitude of suppliers and logistics partners.


Keep your team and your products moving.

Optimize Gross Margin

GAINS gives supply chain decision makers the single source of truth they need to reduce excess inventory and stockouts, minimizing carrying costs. The platform drives efficiency throughout the procurement process, tracking supplier performance and automating order placement — factors that directly impact to cost of goods sold.

Optimize Margin


Avoid Lost Sales

By right-sizing inventory to keep up with customer demand, GAINS ensures you capitalize on every sales opportunity. Effective pricing strategies driven by valuable insights into customer demand, market competition, and product performance enable you to attract more customers.

Reduce Lost Sales


Reduce Carrying Costs

GAINS leverages historical sales data, market trends, and AI-driven predictive analytics to improve demand forecasting accuracy. By synthesizing this information with real-time inventory levels, order statuses, and supplier performance, the platform enables your team to identify slow-moving or excess stock and take proactive measures to optimize.

Reduce Inventory Costs


Boost Service Levels

GAINS gives retailers clear insight into exceptions and deviations from the normal flow of operations. By signaling potential issues such as stockouts, late deliveries, or quality issues, your team can proactively address concerns and maintain consistent service levels. Insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and buying patterns empower you to tailor offerings and improve product assortment to enhance the overall experience.

Increase Service Levels


GAINS informs or automates millions of supply chain decisions a day.
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Key Capabilities

Multi-channel fulfillment planning

Dynamically optimize supply planning into the supply/DC network supporting the retail locations, which includes multi-channel fulfillment planning.

Scalable, multi-tier optimization

Methods that consider a comprehensive set of parameters, costs, and margins across the enterprise.

Store-level inventory optimization

Ensure maximum profit (minimum cost) is achieved considering the comprehensive set of costs (e.g. transportation, handling, holding, expiration, etc.).

Compatible with any ERP

Whether your organization has one or multiple ERP systems, or even homegrown spreadsheets, integration with GAINS is data-agnostic, and is SAP and Oracle Certified.

Promotional planning and optimization

Simulate various scenarios to align promotional efforts with demand patters and inventory levels.

We developed a comprehensive supply chain strategy to strengthen our business in a rapidly changing retail landscape.

Utilizing GAINS has given us intel on the items that are really fueling our business. It’s increasing our forecast accuracy. Now, we’re right sizing the inventory. We’re fulfilling in a much more robust way.

With GAINS we achieved a 28% reduction in working capital, a 20% increase in forecast accuracy, and a 60% forecast bias improvement — all within 6 months.


With GAINS inventory optimization, we were able to reduce inventories and eliminate a warehouse while simultaneously increasing our inventory turns and customer service levels.

VP of Operations

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