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Go from rushing decisions to crushing results.

GAINS gives supply chain and demand planning teams the insight needed to make faster, smarter decisions that profitably balance supply and demand. Move beyond clunky spreadsheets and error-prone formulas. Eliminate the frustration of bouncing between multiple, disconnected systems. Make GAINS your one-stop source that pulls together the data you need to make confident decisions that optimize inventory levels, improve working capital, and meet targeted service levels.

Discover the difference GAINS makes for supply and demand planners.

Maximize Your Time

The GAINS platform utilizes exception-based workflows that make it easy to recognize which purchasing decisions require human intervention and which can be quickly (or automatically) approved. Spend less time buried in data and manually identifying exceptions — more time making the high-stakes decisions that have a more significant impact on profitability, capital, and service levels.

Anticipate Issues

Create advanced simulations that reveal the impact of promotions, historical demand, interest rates, seasonal cycles, and competitor performance. Apply artificial intelligence, machine learning, and proven algorithms to aid in selecting the most plausible model. Reduce latency in decisions that spike inventory costs or diminish service levels.

Optimize Stock Levels

GAINS gives your supply chain team the ability to assess demand patterns, inventory levels, and production capacity. It even recommends the most efficient replenishment strategy. This enables your company to keep up with parts demand and improve sales performance.

Identify Optimal Suppliers

GAINS automatically identifies and selects the supplier(s) based on your inventory policy to provide the lowest total cost while visualizing tradeoffs such as unit costs, volume breaks, purchase minimums, and lead times.

GAINS informs or automates millions of supply chain decisions a day.
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Key Capabilities

Automated multi-echelon modeling

Dynamically determine the profit-optimal stocking strategy for each SKU in the BOM.

Pattern detection powered by machine learning

Continuous accuracy improvements driven by insights from observed and historical demand.

Product catalog analysis

Inform tradeoff decisions regarding which products to develop, enhance, or sunset.

Flexible forecast summaries

Easy configuration to view short- and long-term forecasts using a layout that fits your business.

Probabilistic planning

Make buying decisions based on projected probabilities that employ machine learning to become more accurate over time.

Flexible time horizons

Configure short-term, long-term, and intermediate forecasts without being forced into pre-set time horizons.

Inventory policy optimization

Precisely achieve targeted service levels by comprehensively managing supply and forecasts.

Service level optimization

Automatically determine service levels uniquely for each item to achieve an aggregate target while minimizing or maximizing a business objective.

GAINS is making it easier to keep the promise to our customers by keeping its promise to us. I was amazed that after changing our inventory and customer service management over to GAINS, we not only consistently hit our 99% line item fill rate service targets but were able to achieve this with 27% less inventory and an operating cost reduction of 23%. It was like discovering a whole new source of profit for the company.

Vice President of Logistics

By driving our S&OP process with the profit-optimized analysis of GAINS, we were able to maintain market share growth throughout the recession.

Director Supply Chain Planning

Rapidly expanding full-enterprise business planning throughout our acquisition integration process was significantly facilitated by GAINS.

Inventory & Demand Planning Manager

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