Production Planning

Manufacture smarter and make your balance sheet happier.

GAINS provides the accurate demand forecasts manufacturers need to strategically define production targets, processes, required resources, and schedules — with an eye toward reduced waste and meeting customer needs.

Supply chains are dynamic, so why shouldn’t your production planning be?

Build plans based on accurate, timely demand forecasts.
Drawing from internal and external data sources, GAINS Performance Optimization Platform creates AI-driven demand forecasts that minimize inventory costs and enable manufacturers to plan their production processes more efficiently. Process and discrete manufacturers rely on the GAINS Performance Optimization Platform to make decisions about production resources optimal usage.
Navigate production capacity and resource constraints.
GAINS Performance Optimization Platform goes beyond ERP systems by augmenting your team with predictive analytics, “what-if” simulations, and decision automation. The platform generates a production plan that considers all of your constraints and priorities empowering you to plan production operations aligned with internal processes.
Visualize tradeoffs and understand the impact of production decisions.
A fundamental challenge in production planning is gaining a clear picture of how changes made to the plan reverberate throughout your operations. GAINS Performance Optimization Platform show your teams how an expedited order impacts operations or how overstocked materials can be utilized in new orders. Increased visibility makes it easier to navigate volatile market conditions with confidence.

Core Features: what’s included

Optimized capacity and level load planning

Ensure you have the right reources at the right time to meet customer demand.

Automate and execute manufacturing plans

Build and put in motion manufacturing plans that reduce stockouts and optimize for full orders.

Informed prioritization

Easily rank, analyze, shift and balance the product mix to optimize for profitability.

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