Decision intelligence that drives outcomes for manufacturers.

Whether your company manufactures consumer goods, industrial supplies or automotive/aerospace parts, GAINS provides the visibility and decision intelligence you need to get the right products to the right places at a lower cost. The GAINS supply chain optimization platform is used by a long list of industry-leading manufacturers to drive competitive advantage.


A breath of fresh data for manufacturers.

Reduce Inventory

GAINS empowers manufacturers to reduce inventory by providing real-time visibility into demand patterns, production schedules, and supplier performance. In a market environment with rising interest rates and inflation, the lean inventory management practices powered by GAINS are vital for manufacturers seeking to lower storage costs, improve access to working capital, and increase factory productivity.

Reduce Inventory


Decrease Stockouts

By accurately forecasting demand and aligning inventory levels accordingly, GAINS gives manufacturers the intel needed to ensure sufficient stock availability to meet customer demands. This reduces the risk of stockouts, improves customer satisfaction, strengthens relationships with retailers and distributors, and safeguards your brand’s reputation in the market.

Decrease Stockouts


Minimize Factory Setups

GAINS gives your supply chain team the ability to assess demand patterns, inventory levels, and production capacity. It even recommends the most efficient production runs to minimize the number of setups required. This reduces downtime, improves resource utilization, and increases operational efficiency, ultimately leading to cost savings, shorter lead times, and increased customer responsiveness.

Reduce Factory Setups


Boost Service Levels

Set targeted service levels and achieve them with powerful production planning capabilities that recommend schedules based on accurate demand forecasts. GAINS provides the advanced analytics your team needs to ensure timely product availability, streamline order fulfillment, and drive service levels that customers will tell their friends about.

Increase Service Levels


GAINS informs or automates millions of supply chain decisions a day.
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Key Capabilities

Dynamic monitoring

Continuously analyze demand and supply in near-real-time to revise inventory policies and/or replenishment plans.

Optimized demand planning and forecasting

Multi-echelon planning optimization driven by total (independent and dependent) demand, demand sensing & signaling, outlier detection, and more.

Make-to-stock / Make-to-order optimization

Determine profit-optimal trade-offs between various inventory policy scenarios.

Synchronized optimization

Production policies, schedules, and set-ups are profit-optimally synchronized to customer orders

Compatible with any ERP

Whether your organization has one or multiple ERP systems, or even homegrown spreadsheets, integration with GAINS is data-agnostic, and is SAP and Oracle Certified.

GAINS has not only enabled us, for the first time in history, to consistently achieve our targeted service levels, but we have done so with 27% less inventory than our ERP system recommended.

VP of Operations

Not only have we reduced inventories and operating costs with GAINS, but it has provided us with a fundamental S&OP support solution across the enterprise. It is critical for both short and long term strategic and executive decision making.

VP of Operations

With GAINS inventory optimization, we were able to reduce inventories and eliminate a warehouse while simultaneously increasing our inventory turns and customer service levels.

VP of Operations

Explore the full GAINS supply chain optimization platform

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