Proven Path to Performance (P3)

A fast pass for your supply chain performance optimization journey.

Goodbye, months-long implementations. GAINS drives rapid on-boarding, user adoption, and tangible results. Combining our easy-to-implement Supply Chain Performance Optimization platform with a battle-tested Proven-Path-to-Performance (P3) methodology enables our customers to reduce risk and achieve real results — evidenced by our 100% implementation success rate.

Principles of the P3 Methodology

Rapid results
Our proven methodology compresses time to results through straightforward implementation and value prioritization. Our experienced implementation team works with you to analyze your supply chain and determine which processes and decisions GAINS can positively impact and how to prioritize them to give you the maximum value from your investment. Prioritizing those functions in a phased rollout enables us to deliver faster results than solutions that require a full-scale implementation.
Easy on-boarding
You shouldn’t need to be a data scientist to design and run a high-performing supply chain using AI and ML. GAINS is easy to learn and keeps your team focused on activities that matter. With GAINS University and our annual conference, GAINS Summit it’s easy for employees to upskill themselves.
Continuous optimization
GAINS gets smarter day by day, decision by decision. Applying machine learning algorithms, heuristics and AI-driven optimization to core functions, the platform monitors decision performance to continuously improve and fit your business. Many companies automate 90-95% of purchasing decisions over time — while simultaneously making it easy for supply chain managers and buyers to identify the activities and SKUs that require human consideration.

Case Studies

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