The new frontier of supply chain planning: decision engineering and orchestration

The GAINS Halo 360 composable services architecture enables the integration of decisions across time to plan horizons, spanning from strategic design to order execution. Its Decision Engineering and Orchestration (DEO) Intelligence Platform includes:

The result: higher-quality decisions with a simplified user experience.

“GAINS is an extension of our business, which has allowed us to transform our customer experience by utilizing our supply chain better than any of our competitors!” – Vice President of Operations at a $1B manufacturer

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Key capabilities

GAINS guides supply chain decision makers to the right outcomes. Even complex, multilayered decisions become clear, obvious and, in many cases, autonomous.

Distributed Systems Integration

All GAINS Halo 360 solutions are built on a composable decision engineering platform infrastructure. The platform enables hyper scalability and security with seamless integration into legacy systems. Play-and-play algorithms allow customers to create fit-for-purpose decision engineering solution sets.

GAINS Halo 360’s Decision Engineering and Orchestration Intelligence Platform is based on open standards and leverages open-source innovations, the core foundation of GAINS Halo 360, delivered through our Proven-Path-to-Performance (P3) methodology.

Distributed systems integration is supported by: 

Decision Orchestration and Workflow Automation

Supply chain teams worldwide use GAINS to automate 90-95% of inventory, replenishment, forecasts, demand planning, and service decisions. Unlike complex systems that require heavy involvement from squads of data scientists, GAINS brings the power of supply chain optimization to the masses. Combining out-of-the-box heuristics with advanced AL/ML algorithms and optimization all on a single platform, GAINS delivers on the need for fast results and continuous improvement. 

AI / ML 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) act like smart assistants for supply chain professionals, helping them make better decisions without needing to employ data scientists. Imagine GAINS AI as a super-smart friend that learns from past experiences and predicts what might happen next in the supply chain. It uses abundant data sources, including sales history, weather forecasts, and even social media trends, to inform your toughest inventory and supply chain decisions. It helps businesses become more resilient and agile when it comes to ordering, allocation, and transportation.  ML takes supply chain design and planning a step further by learning and improving over time, so you  get better day after day, decision after decision. 

GAINS customers use AI/ML for: 


Heuristics are proven and effective ways to boost decision accuracy for an organization using the GAINS platform. They empower supply chain teams to shift to quickly identify high-risk decisions that require human intervention — and establish “rules of thumb” or thresholds for when lower-risk decisions can be automated. These proven algorithms often are the engine that provides value to companies of all sizes. Heuristics are simple to employ and greatly accelerate time to value, providing tangible results for inventory-challenged businesses. Many GAINS customers have been able to automate 80% of decisions out of the box, experiencing significant value from their planning investments as they advance beyond Excel and other tools.

GAINS customers use Heuristics for: 


GAINS uses continuous optimization modeling to generate the most impactful answers to particular problems — accounting for a multitude of decision variables such as production, inventory, and shipment quantities and other key supply chain constraints. Over time, these algorithms automate and improve decisions to achieve optimal performance across your procurement, production, inventory, and distribution operations. GAINS optimization capabilities empower designers and planners to make the right decisions and achieve higher levels of productivity and performance. 

GAINS customers use supply chain simulation for:

Supply chain
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Continuous incremental value

Make small, high-impact innovations first, then scale successes fast — leaving competitors in your wake.

Reduced risk

Move confidently ahead backed by a team of trusted experts and a platform with a 100% implementation success rate.

GAINS informs or automates millions of supply chain decisions a day.

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