Supply Chain Design

GAINS Supply Chain Design Software: Bring resiliency to your supply chain by design.

Build efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability into the core of your supply chain network for resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Supply Chain Design

Supply chain experts helping you to build a better, more versatile supply chain that grows with your business.

Reduce costs, and increase efficiency, by building a resilient, responsive, and financially sound supply chain network.
Using cutting-edge technology, advanced algorithms, and best practices to perform a detailed analysis of your existing supply chain. GAINS helps uncover functionality overlaps, identifies improvement opportunities, and streamlines product flow for optimal efficiency. GAINS transforms the complex puzzle of supply chain design into a sleek modern, cost-efficient operation and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.
GAINS supply chain design software helps manage the complexities that come with growth, whether organic or through acquisition.
GAINS provides insights based on its comprehensive analysis of your changing requirements and assists in identifying where to increase or decrease capacity and how to adjust inventory to maintain service levels. GAINS also takes future growth into consideration, enabling businesses to run ‘what-if’ scenarios for various growth strategies to make informed decisions about future expansions and ensure smooth transitions.
Built by supply chain planning and design experts.
Beyond powerful supply chain design software, the GAINS team is committed to acting more like a partner than just a vendor. The platform was designed and built by experts with a deep understanding of the supply chain challenges businesses face. When businesses choose GAINS, they are not merely buying access to software, but also acquiring a partnership with a team of supply chain specialists providing insights and guidance on industry best practices.

Through strategic redesign, AmerCareRoyale, a leading manufacturer and distributor in the food service industry, achieved notable improvements in service levels, cost efficiency, and inventory management.

Core Features: what’s included

Cloud-native solution

The product is entirely based in the cloud, allowing for seamless collaboration and enhanced accessibility.

Resiliency planning

GAINS provides tools and resources to plan for disruptions, like natural disasters. Businesses can proactively identify high-risk areas and plan for alternative product flow routes.

Product flow optimization

GAINS takes a high-level network view to align and improve the product flow with the needs for service and cost savings.

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