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Continuously improve the strength and resiliency of your supply chain.

The GAINS platform’s network design capabilities empower businesses to manage and improve the performance of all the assets and moving parts of the supply chain. Through advanced modeling and simulation, the cloud-native solution gives network designers the comprehensive insight needed to understand risks, visualize scenarios and interdependencies, and evaluate tradeoffs that impact costs, delivery times, and service levels.

Discover the difference GAINS has in network design.

Strengthen Resiliency

Model and design a resilient supply network capable of withstanding a variety of disruptions, such as labor shortages, weather delays, and geopolitical instability. Use advanced network optimization to assess the impact of different scenarios to the business and to your customers.

Maintain Cost Efficiency

Our supply chain design solution informs immediate and long-term decisions, focusing on delivering measurable value and reducing costs at every stage as you identify and operationalize supply chain design decisions.

Support Sustainability Goals

Factor CO2 emissions and environmental impact into your supply chain network models. Understand the tradeoffs of network decisions, such as manufacturing closer to the customer, farshoring and nearshoring scenarios, and paying higher labor costs or opting for sea transportation instead of air.

Address Inherent Complexity

Spreadsheets and other more traditional design methods cannot match the pace or scale of a modern supply chain. GAINS helps supply chain designers uncover the answers to complex questions, such as “How do we rebalance our inventory policies based on real-time changes in supply and demand?”, “How can we continually configure our supply chain to boost profitability?,” and “Where should we source new products today?”

GAINS informs or automates millions of supply chain decisions a day.
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Key Capabilities

Cloud-native solution

The solution is entirely based in the cloud, allowing for seamless collaboration and enhanced accessibility.

Resiliency planning

GAINS provides tools and resources to plan for disruptions, like natural disasters. Businesses can proactively identify high-risk areas and plan for alternative product flow routes.

Product flow optimization

GAINS takes a high-level network view to align and improve the product flow with the needs for service and cost savings.

Timely, immediate insight

Access clear insight into cost/service tradeoffs to optimize decisions right away — not months after implementation.

Scenario testing

Mitigate this risk by building numerous scenarios in GAINS to determine the one that best aligns with your corporate goals and then operationalize it. Better informed decisions based on scenario testing result in faster and better outcomes.

Accessible experts

Our network design team members have sat in your seat as practitioners and can bring their decades of expertise to help you maximize the value of the solution, augment your team, and build playbooks to turn to when the unexpected happens.

The team at GAINS is incredibly knowledgeable about supply chain network design, but they are also approachable and easy to work with. The team offers a high level of support which has truly been designed by network modelers for network modelers in a very thoughtful way.

Director of Supply Chain Network Optimization

GAINS has been a key part of streamlining our network optimization and analysis process. It provides an intuitive structural framework that is flexible enough for us to model many types of business problems and the cloud power to solve them at scale.

Sr. Manager Network Optimization

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