Replenishment Planning

GAINS Replenishment Planning Software: Remove the risk from buying decisions.

Combining AI/ML-powered demand forecasting with predictive analysis, GAINS Replenishment Planning software empowers your procurement team to prevent losses caused by inventory overages and stockouts.

Replenishment Planning

Replenishment at the right time and location.

Minimize inventory-related losses.
Billions are lost every year on excess inventory, spoilage, late shipments, defective products, and stockouts. GAINS turns your supply chain into a competitive advantage by creating accurate predictions that feed into your procurement processes.
Accelerate (even automate) decisions.
GAINS keeps your business more agile with better (and faster) decisions by helping you automate routine replenishment decisions to balance the tradeoffs between service, costs, and inventory, and focus your team on strategic activities.
Free up working capital.
Empower your supply chain team with the single source of truth they need to keep pace with the volume and velocity of decisions they need to make each day. Combining multiple supply and demand signals, GAINS drives decisions that right-size inventory and keep costs in check.

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Replenishment planning features: what’s included

Informed replenishment recommendations

Exception-based, profit-prioritized, and sequenced.

Flexible time horizons

Configure short-term, long-term, and intermediate forecasts without being forced into pre-set time horizons.

Transfer order prioritization

Prioritize transfers to ensure urgent demand is prioritized over less important demand.

Price breaks and substitutions

Automatically take advantage of price breaks and purchase substitutes when needed.

Optimize purchase orders

Stop costly stockouts or expedited orders with automated, full orders.

Order constraint adherence

Build optimal orders to your company’s unique supply constraints taking into account established business rules.

Inventory rebalancing

Generate optimal stock movement recommendations to optimize cash flow and respond to variability.

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