Demand Planning and Forecasting

Drive better outcomes with AI-driven demand forecasts.

Stay ahead of dynamic shifts in demand with advanced demand planning and forecasting that recognizes patterns, senses change, and applies machine learning to recommend an optimal plan.

A leap forward for forecasting demand.

Right-size your inventory.
Free up working capital by carrying the optimal amount of
inventory required to meet customer demand. Gain insight into
potentially millions of SKUs and recognize the right time to
restock, redistribute, or reprice items.
Model, analyze, and simulate to anticipate issues.
Create advanced simulations that reveal the impact of promotions, historical demand, interest rates, seasonal cycles, and competitor performance. Apply sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to aid in selecting the most plausible model. Reduce latency in decisions that spike inventory costs or diminish service levels.
Automate routine planning activities.
Keep planners out of the weeds. GAINS automatically detects exceptions, anomalies, and outliers caused by promotions, seasonality, and more. Spend less time buried in data and manually identifying exceptions — more time making crucial decisions that address overspending and underperforming areas.

Core Features: what’s included

Pattern detection powered by Machine Learning

Continuous accuracy improvements driven by learning from observed and historical demand.

Product lifecycle catalog analysis

Inform tradeoff decisions regarding which products to develop, enhance, or sunset.

Flexible forecast summaries

Easy configuration to view short- and long-term forecasts using a layout that fits your business.

Advanced analytics for more accurate predictions

Selects the best and most plausible model based on deep statistical analysis.

Exception detection and planning

Detect anomalies and errors automatically without having to perform manual analysis.

Promotion and event planning

Identify impacts of demand events and price changes to ensure you have the right stock to meet demand.

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