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Welcome to GAINS IQ, a live educational webinar series for GAINS customers. Our supply chain planning experts, product managers, and data scientists cover the latest AI, ML, and planning topics to help increase your GAINS IQ. From new capabilities to UX features and much more, you’ll stay up to date and get the most out of your GAINS supply chain system.

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Previous GAINS IQ sessions

Supply Chain Design: More Impact by Informing More Decisions – July 2023

The GAINS planning solution helps you address, inform, and automate many supply chain decisions. But there are more decisions that your business needs answers to, and many of them require supply chain design or network optimization.

In May, GAINS acquired 3 Tenets Optimization (3TO), a leading network optimization provider, to advance our offerings in this area. 3TO’s cloud-native technology and team of design experts are now working with several GAINS customers who want to expand into supply chain design.

Hear from GAINS Supply Chain Design Experts about the acquisition, how GAINS is moving forward with design and planning, and how you can learn more GAINS Summit in October.

The webinar shows you how the newly expanded GAINS Design solution provides:

  • Timely sensing/adjusting of supply chain networks to become more resilient
  • Iterative improvements to recognize value today, identifying long and short-term enhancements, to mitigate risk
  • Insights on optimized cost/service tradeoffs to optimize your supply chain
GAINS Help & Support Made Easy with Zendesk – December 2022

Keep in touch with the GAINS team via our online customer support platform, Zendesk, an industry leader in end user support.

The Zendesk support portal’s flexible and user-friendly functionality enables seamless interactions between our customers and our GAINS team members so we can provide quality, consistent, and timely resolution of your support needs. It offers customers convenient access to useful articles and documentation on GAINS, as well as complete visibility into your support history and support requests submitted by others in your company. This record of support history is beneficial to you as well as to our GAINS team, as it allows us to access important customer data to make optimal and faster decisions to cover your support needs.

Join us for a webinar where you’ll learn about:

  • Creating an account
  • Creating support requests
  • Viewing requests you’ve submitted
  • Searching GAINS articles & documentation

Following our Zendesk overview we’ll recap our recent GAINS Summit 2022 and provide insight into next year’s Summit.

GAINS X: A new view into the future of Supply Chain Planning systems – October 2022

The new GAINS user interface, GAINS X, makes it easier than ever for GAINS users to engage the powerful capabilities of their innovative supply chain planning system from GAINS. Improved visual elements direct users to the dynamic features they use most, driving faster, more effective decision-making. Join the webinar to see how GAINS X streamlines the user experience of the GAINS platform, making it more efficient and easier to use. With GAINS X, you have the tools to get the right information to make intelligent business decisions at the right time.

Join the next GAINS IQ webinar as the GAINS Product Team introduces you to GAINS X and a better way to complete your planning activities. The live discussion and demo of the supply chain planning system will include:

  • An overview of the updated, more contemporary look and feel.
  • A walk-through of the new, customizable views displaying only the data you need.
  • A first look at our improved list functionality and report building.
  • And much more!
Get More Timely & Actionable Insights from GAINS – July 2022

Volatility in today’s supply chain requires you to react faster than ever and make continuous adjustments—a nearly impossible task when using outdated insights. Join the GAINS Product team to learn about GAINS’ latest innovations, harness your current data, and overcome the complexity of today’s environment, enabling you to make better decisions. GAINS empowers you to continuously sense your network and make adjustments and iterative improvements while optimizing cost/service tradeoffs.

During this 45-minute webinar, you’ll uncover how to use GAINS to discover solutions to today’s most complex supply chain topics, including:

  • Continually configuring your supply chain to boost profitability
  • How to find alternative sources for new products
  • Take immediate action when your options change
  • Continuously balance cost-to-serve with profitability