Achieve results today: make impactful decisions with the GAINS Halo360° Platform.

We’ve created a comprehensive composable platform that provides the integrations of decisions across time to plan horizons, spanning from strategic design to order execution. Specifically designed to manage volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), GAINS Halo360° is a new hyper-composable, ultra-secure plug-and-play decision engineering and orchestration platform that can coexist as an enhancement to any legacy system environment.

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GAINS Halo360° Platform.
GAINS Halo360° Platform.

Decision engineering and orchestration for the next frontier of supply chain planning

GAINS Halo360° is the next-generation platform that combines data science (AI, ML), decision science (optimization and heuristic), decision orchestration (workflow automation), and distributed systems engineering principles (scalability, security, and synchronization) into one powerful platform. Its discrete components can be deployed on a plug-and-play basis as an extension of your legacy environment or assembled to create industry-specific solution solutions (e.g., continuous network optimization and automated replenishment). Used as stand-alone or integrated component(s), the solution determines the best approach for each problem, solved with the appropriate level of workforce decisions and systems automation.

Adapt, evolve, and optimize your supply chain by design.

Build efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability into the core of your supply chain network for resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Augment your intuition with AI-driven demand forecasts.

Stay ahead of dynamic shifts in demand with advanced demand planning and forecasting that recognizes patterns, senses change, and applies machine learning to recommend an optimal plan.

Right-size inventory to balance demand and service levels.

Unlock higher-quality, more timely insights that consider a comprehensive set of cost, supplier, demand, and lead-time variabilities to reduce your inventory investment.

Remove the stress from buying decisions.

Combining AI/ML-powered demand forecasting with predictive analysis, GAINS Replenishment Planning empowers your procurement team to prevent losses caused by inventory overages and stockouts.

Build trust with accuracy.

GAINS provide immediate, reliable order promise dates in seconds that you and your customers can trust.

Manufacture smarter.

GAINS provides the accurate demand forecasts manufacturers need to strategically define production targets, processes, required resources, and schedules.

Align your teams around a single source of truth.

Get sales, marketing, production, finance, and procurement on the same page so the team can quickly compare scenarios and make decisions across the enterprise.

Move forward faster with an optimized transportation strategy built to grow with you.

GAINS provides transportation strategy designed for flexibility, resilience, and cost savings, driven by insights using real-time data.

GAINS Compliance

The GAINS Performance Optimization Platform prioritizes and maximizes data security, and we value implementing security into all our processes so our customers can trust that we’re keeping their data safe.

Successfully completing the SOC 2 Type II audit highlights GAINS’s continued commitment to deliver best-in-class solutions and safeguards that protect and secure our customers’ data. To maintain high security standards now and in the future, GAINS is audited by a third-party information security auditing firm. The audit tests GAINS’s reporting controls related to security and confidentiality.

The GAINS cloud platform is so responsive. We have gained new insights and greater flexibility with less effort on a day-to-day basis.

Tiffanie Ortis, Vice President, Global Supply Chain at Stuller

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