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Experience how supply chain design and planning can impact financial KPIs.

With today’s higher interest rates, holding excessive inventory can cost millions of dollars per month and drag profitability down. By aligning supply chain design and planning with financial forecasting, GAINS gives financial leaders the ability to predict cash flow requirements, reduce working capital tied up in inventory, and assess risk associated with the supply chain.

Discover the difference GAINS makes for finance leaders.

Enhance Visibility

If inventory matters in your business, supply chain costs no doubt significantly impact your company’s profitability. By providing a clear line of sight into the supply chain planning process, GAINS gives CFOs visibility to supply chain cost savings achieved with GAINS including streamlining inventory management, reducing transportation expenses, and minimizing stockouts or excess inventory.

Free Up Working Capital

CFOs need to ensure that the company has sufficient cash flow to meet its operational needs. By aligning supply chain planning with financial forecasting, GAINS makes it easier to predict cash flow requirements and effectively manage working capital, controlling your inventory investments across your network.

Reduce Risk

GAINS provides the insights CFOs need to assess and manage risks associated with volatile supply chain, such as supplier disruptions, geopolitical events, natural disasters, or regulatory changes. By integrating risk management strategies into supply chain design and planning, the GAINS platform empowers CFOs to mitigate potential financial risks from disruptions and ensure business continuity.

GAINS informs or automates millions of supply chain decisions a day.
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Key Capabilities

Supply chain KPIs

Easily monitor KPIs and metrics, such as cost of goods sold, inventory turnover, order fulfillment cycle time and cash-to-cash cycle time.

Risk monitoring

Assess potential supply chain risks to mitigate financial impacts.

Supplier performance monitoring

Monitor supplier performance metrics, such as on-time delivery and quality of goods, to ensure supplier reliability.

The GAINS project provided the greatest corporate ROI in the history of the company.

John Walker, President and CEO of QubicaAMF

We saved $14 million in six months. We are often promised these kinds of numbers; we’re just not used to having them delivered, GAINSystems, beyond a doubt, delivered.

Wing Commander

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