GAINS Gives Back

Supplying hope and help to improve our world.

GAINS is passionate about taking action to drive positive change in our community and across the globe. Our business is growing, and so is our investment in initiatives that are important to us, our employees, and our customers.

Moving real sustainability forward faster.

GAINS is on track to achieve a zero-carbon footprint by the end of 2023. We have already saved 68,000 pounds of CO2 emissions and delivered the equivalent of 600 trees planted. As a company, we have built solar arrays at multiple community hosting locations in Chicago. Each installation generates more than $6,000 in reduced energy costs and solar credits for the community annually. In addition, GAINS increases its investment in solar arrays with every new subscribing customer. The solar arrays we’ve installed since 2018 offset 100% of the energy consumed by each GAINS customer and it’s corresponding data center energy usage.

Helping keep hope alive for children in need.

GAINS provides financial support to the Barco’s Nightengales Foundation, whose mission is to keep hope alive for children and their families in Haiti and around the world. Our on-going contributions help fund two of the foundation’s key initiatives:

Clean Water — Solar-powered water wells bring clean, potable water to the remotest areas of Haiti, where they normally would obtain water from unclean rivers to drink, cook and clean. Learn More

Nutrition — The foundation has provided 10.5 million meals to the children of Haiti since 2012. For each GAINS employee, we make a donation to the foundation’s lunch program, ensuring children have food in their bellies each day. Learn More