Video: Jeff DeSandre and Brett Barnello Discuss AmerCareRoyal’s Transformation to an Industry Leader

Since its 2016 merger of Amercare, LLC and Royal Paper Products, Inc, AmerCareRoyal (ACR) has been on an impressive journey. ACR’s products serve US chain restaurants like Five Guys, Tim Horton’s, and Yum Brands, as well as major food distributors. Today, ACR offers over 6,000 disposable products across various industries, with aspirations to triple its current $1 billion revenue to $3 billion in five years.

Jeff DeSandre, ACR’s Chief Integration Officer, highlights the organization’s unique aspect: its value exceeds the sum of its individual parts. Despite eight acquisitions forming ACR, their current revenue surpasses the combined revenue of these acquisitions, showcasing substantial organic growth within the organization.

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