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Supply Chain Design

Supply chain design solutions are changing to keep pace with a volatile market. See how GAINS delivers immediate and long-term results by powering and operationalizing supply chain design decisions.

Embrace Incremental Results with Advanced Supply Chain Design

Supply chain design from GAINS answers your end-to-end questions, from line-level production to complicated distribution to competing fixed and variable costs. Companies use our network optimization or supply chain design capabilities for growth and to guard against risk and threats, gaining value from the solution through incremental improvements that deliver immediate and long-term results.

supply chain design map screen

Continuous Value From Design, No Waiting

Our design solution informs immediate and long-term decisions, focusing on delivering measurable value at every stage as you identify and operationalize supply chain design decisions.

In 2023, GAINS acquired 3 Tenets Optimization (3TO) to advance its supply chain design solution. Paring design with supply chain planning on the GAINS Performance Optimization Platform brings continuous decision-making to broader business needs requiring more flexibility and advanced analytics.

GAINS’ supply chain design solution provides:

  • Timely sensing/adjusting of supply chain networks
  • Iterative improvements to recognize value today, identifying long and short-term enhancements
  • Agility to harness variability and reveal opportunities
  • Immediate, action-driven results, no waiting months for results
  • Real-time insights on optimized cost/service tradeoffs

Numerous Scenarios Deliver Better Performance & Flexibility

Supply chains are more complex than ever, and poor decisions can result in costly mistakes. Mitigate this risk by building numerous scenarios in GAINS to determine the one that best aligns with your corporate goals and then operationalize it. Better informed decisions based on scenario testing result in faster and better outcomes that matter to your business.

Our supply chain design solution or database performs scenario management based on your processes and preferences. The goal is to move forward faster, so flexibility and confidence in every decision are priorities. Scenarios that drive decisions are created more quickly than ever, informing complex supply chain decisions and using refined results for better accuracy.

Companies use GAINS for supply chain design to:

  • Use current data that reflect today’s business and economic environment
  • Discover continual, relevant, and actionable results
  • Put insights immediately into action
  • Create unparalleled time to value

Spreadsheets Can't Do Supply Chain Design

Spreadsheets and other more traditional design methods cannot match the pace of a modern supply chain. These legacy processes take months or years to complete and execute. By the time the redesign has been run, the business environment has changed so dramatically that the results are obsolete and entirely ill-prepared for the issues it was designed to address.

At GAINS, we know that timely decisions drive the outcomes our customers require. Often a single decision based on insights from GAINS can deliver significant savings.

That’s why we provide measurable returns on your design investment from the start and add incremental value as we go. This unique approach is our Proven Path to Performance methodology, and it’s why we have 100% successful implementations.

supply chain design costs

GAINS helps businesses quickly uncover the answers to complex design questions, including:

  • How do we rebalance our inventory policies based on real-time changes in supply and demand?
  • How can we continually configure our supply chain to boost profitability?
  • Where should we source new products today?
  • How much inventory is needed; where should it be?
  • What are our options when things change? Can we take immediate action?
  • How do we continuously balance cost-to-serve with profitability?