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Hillman Success with GAINS

Continuing a legacy of unmatched customer service through improved product availability and on-time delivery.

Company Overview

Hillman is a leading North American provider of complete hardware solutions, delivered with industry best customer service to over 42,000 customers. Hillman designs 112,000 innovative product and merchandising solutions for complex categories that deliver an outstanding customer experience to home improvement centers, mass merchants, national and regional hardware stores, pet supply stores, and OEM and industrial customers.


With global supply chain volatility, Hillman faced wild fluctuations in the availability of materials needed to manufacture a broad portfolio of innovative products to serve customers and prepare for growth. Hillman deployed GAINS to transform digital supply chain planning and intelligently predict demand, supply, and material availability across a diverse network of global suppliers.

Transformation Objectives

Hillman worked with GAINS to identify high-impact improvements across a global supplier network to increase agility and quickly sense supply constraints and pivot to alternative suppliers based on location, availability, and price. As a leader in fasteners, keys, letters, numbers, signs (LNS), and engraving, Hillman’s supply chain includes over 112,000 SKUs. Even with its diverse product portfolio, the company was determined to provide their signature customer service while maintaining a sustainable supplier network and avoiding late or incomplete customer orders.
With GAINS, Hillman delivers outstanding service to its customers: