Blog: GAINS Holiday Gift Guide for Supply Chain Professionals

2022 has been another challenging year for supply chain professionals, peppered by continual material shortages, weather delays, and general unpredictability. Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner, it’s time to think about showering your supply chain team with thoughtful gifts to show how much you appreciate them. So, what can you give to those hardworking heroes of commerce who keep the supply side of your business going in even the toughest of times?

Thankfully, GAINS is here for you with our inaugural Holiday Gift Guide!

 To be serious for just a moment, all of us at GAINS appreciate all that every in the supply chain does every day, and we will be sending cookies from Mrs. Fields to five supply chain professionals in December. Enter by following @GAINS on LinkedIn this week or like one of our posts. If chosen, we’ll message you for shipping details.  

For supply chain pros dealing with the constant headaches of Excel

ESARORA Ice Roller – for less than $20, you can give your favorite demand planner this handy ice roller to help reduce the pain associated with forecasting-related headaches. While this roller is advertised as a way to relieve puffiness, calm skin, and improve your general skin condition. It can also be used as a convenient tool to eliminate the discomfort from the forehead irritation that arises from continually facepalming when dealing with data too big for Excel to handle.

For those pros who want to “get away from it all” by are keep the business running

Cozy Tyme Chunky Knit Throw Blanket – This chunky knit throw blanket is the perfect gift for buyers who want to feel warm and toasty while working late into the evening. It comes in 3 colors: White pictured here, Rose, and Gray. ‘ ‘If you have to work long hours, you should at least be warm and cozy.

For the pro who is always on the “go” and never rests

Dr. Scholl’s All-Day Work Insoles –  While this gift may be more practical, your procurement manager and their feet will thank you. After a long day of pacing back and forth in their office as they nervously watch their email inbox for a vendor shipping update.  After using a pair of these, “walking a mile in their shoes” won’t be nearly as bad.

For those mornings after sleepless nights worrying about holiday orders

Black Label by Devil Mountain – At over 1,500 milligrams of caffeine per serving, this coffee is strong enough to energize the entire supply chain team. Still, it ought to be enough to keep your favorite supply chain executive going through an average morning after being up all night trying to reconcile competing interests from the sales, finance, and planning teams.

For those pros who want to a better way to right-size inventory in 2024:

GAINS Supply Chain Optimization Platform – What greater gift could you give to your favorite Supply Chain Pro than the gift of overcoming variability and uncertainty with a game-changing supply chain planning platform? Provide them with one last (pleasant) surprise of 2022, a robust planning platform to replace Excel: GAINS, the award-winning demand, supply, and inventory optimization platform with comprehensive S&OP included. This must-have holiday gift delivers continuous cost and profit optimization all year long and is perfect for supply chains of all ages.

While we hope this holiday gift guide helped put a smile on your face, we know that supply chain issues are no laughing matter. We would love to help your organization to eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes from:

  • Balance inventories with service levels and demand.
  • Determine the optimal service level and stocking policy for each SKU by location
  • Optimizing Service Level Targeting
  • Developing Multi-echelon strategies within BOMs

To learn more about how GAINS can help you increase agility and resilience to overcome ever-increasing supply chain volatility, contact us, subscribe, and follow!