Press Release: Customer Success Drives GAINS Record Company Performance.

CHICAGO – February 23, 2022 – GAINSystems, a leading provider of cloud-based supply chain planning solutions for inventory and supply intensive industries, announced today record company performance in 2021. GAINSystems achieved 47% cloud ARR growth while simultaneously delivering the most comprehensive release in company history.

Consistent with our quest to democratize supply chain planning, category leaders across a variety of industries successfully “Move Forward Faster” with GAINS in 2021.  Customers ranging in size from $30M to over $15+B in revenue leveraged the GAINS Supply Chain Performance Optimization Platform to drive supply chain transformation and achieve rapid results.

 “Our customers operate at the intersection of cost, complexity, supply, and service.  This past years’ results highlight the success of clients who are adopting the GAINS solution at an accelerated pace,” said CEO Bill Benton. “Aligning time to value is a cornerstone of the GAINS culture.” Customers who leveraged the GAINS Proven Path to Performance (P3)SM methodology include:

A $13B specialty retailer optimizing 40 million SKU by location combinations and 2.3 billion post-transactional records daily. The solution leverages GAINS genetic AI algorithms, leading indicator analytics, and demand sensing to dramatically improve omnichannel promotion planning activities.  The GAINS platform enables 200+ users daily to forecast, plan inventory, drive dynamic promotions planning, and automate store and SKU level replenishment.  Highlights include:

  • SKU level forecast, inventory, and replenishment planning across over many hundreds of store locations with 12 distribution centers analyzing promotion effectiveness, published rebates, website placement, printed flyer inclusion, and more all to ensure the right mix of products and inventory by store
  • Automated SKU/store replenishment, transfer, and purchase order process workflow
  • Provide financial metrics and actionable insight into the impact of lost sales enabling users to make data-driven decisions

Using the P3sm methodology, a category-leading $500M distributor of disposable products deployed the GAINS platform in 6 months.  Our client progressed their supply chain transformation by rapidly deploying integrated demand planning, inventory optimization, and replenishment planning quickly and reliably.

  • Dynamic scenario planning and real-time capacity reservations (pegging) to allocate customer orders
  • Increased customer service levels by enhancing supply chain visibility and streamlining collaborative decision making between various planning teams
  • Replaced legacy, disparate planning tools that were unable to keep pace with the company’s rapid growth

To help calm chaotic supply and demand variability an industry leading multi-billion-dollar Industrial Equipment Manufacturer went live with the GAINS MEIO solution materially improving customer satisfaction and revenue on a global level.

  • Customer rapidly identified $50M+ inventory reduction targets throughout the business
  • Deployed Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) to eliminate demand and supply uncertainty and significantly improved their ability to manage variability, drive stocking decisions and anticipate supply chain disruptions
  • Determine opportunities to utilize postponement strategies to optimize mid-BOM stocking decisions

With an 8-week rapid cloud implementation, a ½ billion-dollar jewelry manufacturer achieved a 99% fill rate with 27% less inventory and a 23% reduction in operating costs while doubling sales

  • Utilizing dynamic scenario planning they were able to cope with a tidal wave of pandemic-related supply shortages while facing unprecedented demand and growth
  • Leveraged production planning with automatic recognition of key material constraints used to optimally schedule manufacturing capacity
  • Freed up valuable IT resources by leveraging the GAINS cloud

Innovation & New Product Introduction

In 2021 GAINS delivered its most comprehensive release to date investing approximately 40% of revenue into R&D innovation.  Over 396 new product enhancements were added to help customers manage and transform their supply chains.  Highlights include:

  • Highly-adaptable AI demand models suitable to pandemic-era demand volatility with AI auto-parameterization of recent versus historical weight on future demand (fitting history to the model rather than the models to history)
  • Introduced innovative AI Attribute matching functionality
  • Expanded Third-Party Implementation capabilities including expanding our integration into ERP Systems (SAP, Oracle, Infor, & others) but also to connect with and leverage data from systems such as the Amazon Marketplace
  • Developed and deployed product lifecycle-based forecast solutions for long and short product lifecycles
  • Deployed a real-time Multi-supplier Optimization tool
  • Developed new algorithms to better manage seasonal inventory during times of disruption
  • Enhanced functionality to manage supply volatility using alternate sourcing and fill-in optimization to bridge supply shortages and delays
  • Invested in new process-based service parts planning functionality

GAINS Team growth

In 2021 GAINS made significant personnel investments preparing the company for future growth.  GAINS increased capacity in our service delivery and industry consultant organizations while further investing in data science, go-to-market, and customer success teams. 

“Our customers’ accomplishments in this last year were key factors in our accelerated growth.” CEO Bill Benton went on to say; “I would like to thank our customers, partners, and employees for their part in the continual adoption, expansion, and advocacy of the GAINS Supply Chain Performance Optimization Platform as we seek to enable the world to “Move Forward Faster”.

About GAINSystems

At GAINS our quest is to democratize supply chain planning. The GAINS Supply Chain Performance Optimization Platform helps businesses large and small “Move Forward Faster” with greater agility, resilience, confidence, and sustainability. The GAINS AI-driven cloud platform delivers continuous cost and profit optimization via machine learning, proven algorithms, and actionable analytics for global manufacturing, distribution, retail, and aftermarket/maintenance operations. Innovative design combined with the GAINS Proven-Path-to-Performance (P3)sm methodology enables rapid onboarding and tangible results, including increased sales, inventory turns, and service levels at reduced operating costs in as little as 8 weeks. GAINSystems proudly provides digital supply chain planning expertise to industry leaders like Graybar, Honda Motors, Menards, Rockwell Automation, Stuller and Textron Aviation.