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Overcome variability and uncertainty with our game-changing supply chain performance platform. With GAINS any organization can harness power previously available only to large enterprises – while avoiding endless IT projects.

Focused on delivering rapid results, our design, demand, supply, and inventory optimization platform offers continuous cost and profit optimization. Innovative design and the GAINS Proven Path-to-Performance (P3) methodology enables customers to achieve rapid onboarding and tangible results including increased sales, faster inventory turns, and better service levels at reduced operating costs.

Supply Chain Design

GAINS supports a full range of supply chain design decisions around physical infrastructure, capacity, and policy development, including transportation strategy.
Inventory-intensive businesses use supply chain design as an anchor for scenario planning and service policy analysis to right-size their inventory investments and policies and unlock working capital and optimize performance.

Demand Planning and Forecasting

GAINS streamlines the demand planning process, analytics, and automation through product life-cycles, incorporating detailed internal and external sources of information.
By synchronizing planning across the organization, time horizons, and levels in the enterprise, GAINS accelerates supply chain response time and aligns plans both vertically and horizontally.

Inventory Optimization

GAINS uses sophisticated proprietary algorithms to optimize and automate decisions on how much to stock, where to hold inventory across network and bill-of-material echelons, and what path to take through the network.
Maximizing Multi-Echelon Supply Chain operational and financial Performance accounting for managing variability and uncertain demand, our customers improve target service levels and reduce expediting supply constraints

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

GAINS coordinates decision-making across distributed cross-functional teams (sales, marketing, production, finance, logistics, procurement) with structured workflows and scenario-based simulation.
S&OP links high-level strategic plans with day-to-day operations to balance demand and supply while integrating financial and operations planning.

Replenishment and Production Optimization

GAINS accurately predicts supply needs and dynamically adapts to changing demand patterns and supply availability, considering both constraints and alternatives to optimize replenishments across the supply chain and time horizons.
GAINS addresses complexity at every level of the supply chain to deliver fully executable optimal purchasing, production, repair, and distribution recommendations, as well as the tools to streamline and automate approvals and order creation.

Optimize Your Supply Chain Performance

The supply chain design and planning solution from GAINS provides:

  • Cloud architecture
  • AI/machine-learning
  • Continuous collaboration
  • Unified data model
  • SAP and Oracle certified integration
  • Pre-integrated API library
  • External syndicated data
  • SOC 2 and SOC 3 certifications
  • Veracode Verified

GAINS X Accelerates Supply Chain Decision-Making and Cross-Company Collaboration

GAINS X, the latest version of the GAINS Performance Optimization Platform for Supply Chain Planning, makes end-to-end decision–making faster and easier. Its enhanced design and visual cues rapidly upskill users and direct them where attention is most needed. Speed matters in today’s supply chain environment and GAINS X is designed to get decision-makers what they need fast. Supply chain professionals use GAINS X to:
  • Prioritize decision-making with visual cues Your teams’ time is optimized as GAINS X directs them to where actions are most needed due to supply chain variability.
  • Present the details or summaries they need
  • Every user level, from planners to executives, will find detailed or summarized data presented to them in GAINS X based on their preferences.
  • Access robust planning and cross-company collaboration
    GAINS X speeds up the time needed to drive positive outcomes in collaboration with your network by using advanced analytics and techniques, including AI & ML.
GAINS X SCM Interface
GAINS X delivers sophisticated supply chain planning in an easy-to-use user interface for better decision-making.

Fast Tracked Implementation - Solid Solution

“We implemented GAINS accurately in record time, and I attribute this to their in-house consulting model. Their people know their product best and partnered superbly with our technical and business teams.”

Industry: Food and Beverage

Great Partner, Exceptional Service, Fantastic Results

“GAINS is a truly exceptional partner whose expertise in inventory optimization and replenishment planning has helped us reduce inventory and increase our in-stock availability in a highly seasonal business.”

Executive Director, Procurement & Planning
Industry: Miscellaneous

GAINS Has Been an Asset to Our Company

“The tools it has in place for our inventory planners are excellent. It does much of the heavy lifting, allowing them to focus on the “most important” areas.”

Director Planning & Procurement
Industry: Electric and Gas Utilities

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