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Customer Care

Customer Care Program

The annual R&D Subscription & Maintenance (RSM) retention rate among GAINS® customers exceeds 97%. This industry-leading performance reflects GAINSystems’ commitment to the highest standards of customer service and attests to the long-term performance and value of the GAINS methodology.

Annual R&D Subscription & Maintenance (RSM) retention rate among GAINSystems customers.

Exceeds 97%

Key Customer Care Program Components

Real-time Customer Service

Real-time support and guidance is provided from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time via phone, remote access, email, and/or web conference. There is also a 24X5 support option (typically subscribed for single, global instances). GAINS Customer Service Representatives are highly skilled in the Supply Chain Management discipline and in the effective application of GAINS methodologies.

Proactive Customer Care

A series of pro-active reviews with each customer is conducted on a recurring basis. For example, annually, an optimization audit is pursued to ensure GAINS functions, including those newly-developed, are fully employed and supporting business processes.

Proactive Customer Care

In partnership with each customer, key operational data is regularly acquired and analyzed for comparison of actual to expected performance in many key areas including:

  • Inventory Investment / Working Capital Reductions
  • Incremental Profits and Earnings Contribution
  • Customer Service Level Improvements
  • Inventory Turn (Days/Months On-Hand) Improvements
  • Receiving / Set-up / Activity Cost Reductions
  • Workload Reductions / Automation
A summary of these areas is prepared for a comprehensive quick view. As a result of embedded GAINS performance monitoring, GAINSystems is able to advise customers regarding potential business improvement and ways in which the GAINS solution can be better utilized and/or provide early-warning of negative trends.

GAINS Enhancements

Working closely with customers, GAINSystems plans the delivery schedule for GAINS improvements. These updates are delivered at no additional charge to customer who subscribe to the GAINS RSM program.

GAINS Summit

Each Autumn, GAINSystems conducts a two-day meeting with user and management representatives at the University of Chicago. The GAINS Summit forum provides the opportunity for robust dialog regarding the roadmap for the GAINS solution. Customers are asked to take an active part in shaping the GAINS solution strategy, from both an efficacy and implementation feasibility perspective. The forum utilizes a combination of group meetings and breakout sessions on specific topics lead by GAINSystems consultants, senior leadership, industry experts and customers. The goals of the Summit are to:

  • Understand the evolving planning and optimization needs of GAINS methodology practitioners
  • Obtain feedback on GAINS’ performance and suggestions for improvements and/or operational challenges to be solved in GAINS’ areas of endeavor
  • Convey GAINS prospective product enhancement roadmap for the coming year and solicit customer prioritization via interactive surveying
  • Present the functional design for each planned enhancement
  • Provide detailed application workshops regarding high-impact, under-utilized GAINS methods
  • Generate networks directly among GAINS practitioners to share best practices, experiences, and pragmatic solutions
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