Customer Testimonial: Swissbit: “Optimizing Everything” with GAINS

Ueli Stricker, Director of Global Supply Chain for tech manufacturer Swissbit, dives into his Supply Chain journey with GAINS.

In this video, Ueli Stricker, Director of Global Supply Chain for tech manufacturer Swissbit dives into his Supply Chain journey with GAINS and discusses how GAINS’ cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing their supply chain management. With an emphasis on “Optimizing Everything,” Swissbit is harnessing the power of GAINS to streamline supply chain processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency like never before.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, supply chain professional, or just interested in the latest advancements in supply chain, this video is a must-watch!

Ueli (00:14): We have been doing our planning on, on ABRA with our business, existing business intelligence tools together with Excel and, and some analysis. And the problem was like we, we always had to replicate the same. And at the end you had been, the fail mode was high, right? I had a look at Gartner and found GAINS, evaluated them, and with GAINS we had the opportunity to load data, existing company data from history into GAINS in a prototype and look how GAINS behaves, what GAINS suggest. And we really got a very good feeling out of that. The, the starting point is demand planning because there you decide what to do and what not to do. So maybe it’s not driving efficiency and optimization, but it’s driving to do the right thing, right, effectiveness. And this is the point you need to start with.

(01:13): All the other steps, multi-echelon optimization, which, which comes as a second step is depending on the input. So we started with demand planning, then we went over to multi-echelon optimization, optimizing our service level based on customers. And then the third thing was available to promise so that we could already get the ship date to the customers within seconds calculated by GAINS. Before it was like a, a complicated process. Many people, many planners have been involved to, to evaluate the delivery date so that it took longer and sometimes it wasn’t that accurate. Before, we are, are in now is capacity planning. So as we are manufacturer we have some limitations not only on the material side, also on the capacity side, and putting that in as well. These restrictions helps us to optimize everything based on the restrictions we have.

(02:23): GAINS is very, very powerful. It brought us more success. I had before much more micromanagement because of out of stock items, of growing demands, which couldn’t be served because the service level was not there. So GAINS is managing that already well in ahead. And this help that helps us to grow business in doing nothing <laugh> and focusing more on the future. We wouldn’t have this amount of growth cuz we grow more than, we grew more than the market, when we wouldn’t have GAINS because we wouldn’t have purchased enough. Maybe there had been some components which went off or we didn’t have enough. GAINS managed us to grow and this helped us a lot. I would suggest GAINS to everybody to, since I made personally very good experience. I, I’m pretty happy to have the solution because once I the solution is very, let’s say sophisticated, because it’s a, it’s a scientific software. It’s not just a marketing software showing great value. And on the other side, GAINS has a very great support, right? You get technical support, that you get the commitment from GAINS to develop the solution and to improve it all the time. And that’s why I will suggest it to everyone.