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Think of Everything: Mastering Multi-echelon Inventory and Supply Targets

GAINSystems CEO Bill Benton moderated a panel discussion at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

The panel featured GAINS customers, Graco and Textron Aviation, and Ph.D. professor of machine learning who is also a strategist for GAINSystems. These thought leaders shared both real-world experience and a vision of how machine learning will lead to unprecedented consistency and efficiency for companies that aspire to create competitive advantage through supply chain excellence.

The session focused on one of the thorniest supply chain problems, sustaining target levels of inventory and service simultaneously across complex multi-echelon bills-of-materials and distribution networks. These supply chain experts provided insight on how to advance through multiple levels of maturity in inventory optimization in order to sustain targets successfully. The session also included a discussion on the future role and benefits of machine learning in planning.