Blog: Supply Chain Woes According to “Little Miss”

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“Hey, I remember those characters from when I was a kid.” You may have been saying that phrase lately while browsing your social media feed. Little Miss has become an overnight online sensation; we love the nostalgia.

Recently the Little Mx. characters initially created in the United States for the 1971 “Little Mister” and “Little Miss“ book series by Roger Hargreaves are enjoying a second life on Instagram , TikTok, and elsewhere thanks to the latest Internet meme phenomenon.

The original title characters of the books taught children essential life lessons on subjects like the importance of having manners and being helpful. They have taken on a new life in 2022. The images reveal truths, frustrations, or traits common to all of us today, especially for those managing inventories in times of supply chain disruption.

We at GAINS thought the Little Ms., Mr., Mx. meme trend might be a fun way to share the lighter side of some of the more frustrating and funny aspects of the supply chain issues we’re experiencing.

Here are a few Little Miss memes that the #GAINSGang have come up with, and we’d love to see your Little Ms/Mr/Mx’s as well. Please post your ideas in the comments section below.


Thanks for taking a moment to add some fun to our stressful days and bring back some nostalgia from a time when supply chain management was straightforward.