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Graco Success with GAINS

Multi-echelon Optimization Success in Manufacturing

Graco Manufacturing

26% reduction in finished goods inventories

98% order fill rate

Profit-optimized S&OP globally for six factories and nine DCs in four countries

Graco is the leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling across multiple industries: construction, manufacturing, processing, and maintenance.

  • Increase Forecast Accuracy
  • Reduce Inventory
  • Material Requirement Visibility Worldwide
  • Increase Planner Productivity
  • Improve Material Throughout
  • Improve Customer Service Levels
Approach with GAINS:
  • Full Multi-echelon Optimization
  • Prioritized focus to increased forecast accuracy
  • Finished Goods Inventory: 26% Reduction
  • Fill Rate: Maintained 98%
  • Planner Benefits:
    • Expedite Less
    • Dynamic ORQ and SSK Based on Demand
    • Auto Released Planned Orders
    • Increased Forecast Accuracy
Multi-echelon Optimization

“Not only have we reduced inventories and operating costs with GAINS, but it has provided us with a fundamental S&OP support solution across the enterprise. The S&OP tools that bolted on to our ERP systems provided data, but GAINS provides accurate and profit optimal analysis. That is critical for both short and long term strategic and executive decision making.”

– Vice President, Operations