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GE Power Success with GAINS

GAINS Ensures GE Power Remains World Leader

25% reduction in combined inventory investment

23% reduction in carrying & other operating expenses

97% customer service level on all orders

Expediting reduced to near-zero

It was an exciting day when Alstom Power, Europe’s most prominent energy production equipment company, acquired ABB’s U.S. industrial turbine operation. In the words of Alstom Power’s U.S. Industrial Turbine Segment President, “The merging of the Alstom and ABB industrial turbine businesses has brought a singular market focus to complementary gas turbine technologies and power ranges to meet industry needs up to 50 MW. In 2015, GE acquired the power and grid business from Alstom, renaming to GE Power.

Maintaining customer operations in the field is our ultimate and highest priority. This means ensuring availability of over 70,000 parts, ranging from individual components to small assemblies, for immediate dispatch to any destination in North America. Our spare parts business is supported by 365 days-a-year coverage, through established communication channels, via our customer support help desk. We are committed to supporting one of the largest installed fleets of industrial gas turbines in the world.”

aftermarket mro alstom
aftermarket mro alstom

The planning and repair chain management engine driving GE Power’s aftermarket support is GAINS, an Inventory Planning and Profit Optimization solution from GAINSystems. GAINS uses expert systems, stochastic algorithms and advanced management science to dynamically manage error and variability, across the flow of materials in the enterprise, to ensure that all targeted customer service levels are met with no expediting and with the greatest contribution to profit. GAINS has been specifically fine-tuned to support repair parts distribution as well as to profit optimization field service repair and repair center operations.

Aftermarket Planning

“GAINS has complemented our in-house ordering system and the software has enabled us to work down excess inventories allowing us to offset them with inventories that truly drive our spare parts business for today and the future. Inventories in GE Power’s parts business are a necessary ingredient of customer service. The GAINS software has allowed us to be a strong supplier with the ability to support a business that is continuously changing and growing.”

– Materials Manager