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Bell Helicopter Success with GAINS

Bell Helicopter MRO customer success

19% reduction in active spares inventory investment

8% increase in service parts sales

98% off-the-shelf repair parts availability

aircraft mro
aircraft mro
aircraft mro

Supply Chain Planning for MRO can be a very complex endeavor, particularly in aircraft MRO operations. GAINS optimized Bell Flight‘s supply chain, who achieved more than numerical results:

  • Eliminated conflicts between Repair and Manufacturing part demand.
  • Ensured compliance with Military PBL contract requirements on budget, on time.
  • Provided an effective customer service performance report and vendor score card.

Aircraft MRO

“Bell Flight has been recognized as having the best customer service in the industry for many years, even before we installed GAINS. Now that GAINS is installed, however, we are able to provide the best service in the industry with 19% less inventory and 30% lower handling costs.”

– Manager, Support Systems Development