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Supply Chain Planning solutions for retail operations needs to be scalable, customizable, handle sales & promotions, and be able to cover a broad spectrum. With GAINS®, demand and supply are analyzed continuously, SI&OP (Sales, Inventory Operations Planning) synchronizes plans across the entire enterprise, multi-tier inventory policies and purchasing are optimized.

Powerful, built-in advanced analytics, stochastic models, and proprietary algorithms provide retail companies with a new level of decision support to dynamically optimize the various complexities inherent in supply chain interdependencies and enable the achievement of targeted service levels, maximized margins, and minimized costs. 

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Key Functions

✔ Multi-channel fulfillment planning
Dynamically optimize supply planning into the supply/DC network supporting the retail locations, which includes multi-channel fulfillment planning
✔ Scalable, multi-tier optimization
Methods that consider a comprehensive set of parameters, costs, and margins across the enterprise
✔ Compatible with any ERP
Whether your organization has one or multiple ERP systems, or even homegrown spreadsheets, integration with GAINS is data-agnostic, and is SAP and Oracle Certified
✔ Store-level inventory optimization
Ensure maximum profit (minimum cost) is achieved considering the comprehensive set of costs (e.g. transportation, handling, holding, expiration, etc.)

Retail Success Stories

  • Australia’s largest office products retailer Reduced warehouse and store inventory by 20%
  • Increased on the shelf availability 15% Decreased planner and inventory management workload for over
  • 27,000 items in 165+ stores

“We developed a comprehensive supply chain strategy to strengthen our business in a rapidly changing retail landscape.”

  • Australia’s largest mobile network with over 6,000 retail points
  • Reduced working capital 28% Increased forecast accuracy by 20% Raised customer service level to 98%

“With GAINS we achieved a 28% reduction in working capital, a 20% increase in forecast accuracy, and a 60% forecast bias improvement — all within 6 months.”

  • National retailer with 80+ stores Decreased inventory by 7% within 4 weeks
  • Boosted in-stock SKULs by 11% Maintained a service level of 98% on active lines

“By standardizing demand and replenishment planning with GAINS, we were able to shift from region- based purchasing to category-based purchasing.“

Hillman distributes some 40,000 SKUs to 15,000 retail stores. By implementing GAINS, they were able to:
  • Reduce finished Good Inventories by 18%
  • Synchronize inventory policies and replenishment plans on a worldwide basis
  • Improve global inventory turns by 20%

When you choose GAINS, you are not just choosing an optimization software, you are starting something more. We consider the companies we work with as long-term friendships and partnerships rather than just customers. We are here to support you every step of the way.