GAINS On Podcast Ep5: Navigating the Intersection of Trust and Technology in Supply Chain Management

Explore the complex world of supply chain maturity on this episode of GAINS On. Guided by the expertise of industry luminaries Amber Salley and Jeff Metersky, we explore how technology adoption drives an organization’s journey towards achieving optimal supply chain maturity.

Topics Covered:

  • Defining Supply Chain Maturity: What it means and why it’s crucial in today’s business landscape.
  • Tech Adoption in the Supply Chain: From automated decision-making to real-time analytics.
  • Human Judgment in Tech-Evolved Supply Chains: The balance between machine outputs and human expertise.
  • Paradigm Shifts: From planners resisting machine recommendations to embracing tech advancements in decision-making.

Why Should You Listen?

  • Understand the pivotal importance of achieving supply chain maturity in a technologically advanced landscape.
  • Learn from insights shared by industry leaders fresh from the 2023 Game On GAINS Summit.
  • Explore the synergy between advanced technology and human expertise in evolving supply chains.
  • Delve into the challenges and solutions on the path to mature, tech-driven supply chain processes.

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