Podcast: Let’s Talk Supply Chain – Make The Right Decisions For Your Supply Chain, with GAINS

In this episode of the Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast, Jeff Metersky and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey discuss how to make the right decisions for your supply chain, plus:

• Importance of supply chain design and its evolution
• Pandemic’s impact on supply chain agility and decision-making
• Tendency to rely on gut instinct in supply chain decision-making
• Current state of decision-making in the supply chain
• Need for improvement in supply chain decision-making and overcoming stagnation
• VUCA world’s impact on organizations and the industry
• Shift from cost-focused to resilience-focused supply chains
• Importance of a CORE mindset for configuration and optimization

Plus, Jeff Metersky tells us all about decisioning; the risks in using your gut; embracing a VUCA world; and why GAINS is putting a focus on configuration and optimization.

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