Research: Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award: Supply Chain Planning for MRO, 2020

Recognized for its leadership in supply chain best practices, GAINS helps customers plan appropriate inventory policies by employing a dynamic selection of forecast models, thus automatically enabling the selection of the  most  plausible approach from 40 different statistical models. The result is an optimal forecast for each SKUL (SKU/part by location), whereas most competing solutions use stationary and, hence, inaccurate forecasting techniques for all types of items/parts.

“Frost & Sullivan research reveals that GAINSystems’ innovation  leadership  is  evident based on the company’s ever-evolving solutions and capabilities. GAINSystems is heavily committed to advancing its solutions, and invests a third of its budget into research and development (R&D).”

GAINSystems: Supply Chain Planning for MRO

GAINSystes has help numerous MRO clients optimize their supply chains. MRO organizations have unique obstacles such as very long lead times, repairable parts, need for expediting, and costly parts with long shelf-lives to name a few. GAINS is particularly suited to optimize the entire MRO supply chain to make sure clients have the right part, in the right place, at the right time, to avoid costly expediting and/or “grounding” times.

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