Press Release: GAINS Partnering with Supply Chain Leaders to Deliver Results in Unprecedented Times

Company takes bold industry stance guaranteeing results with no risk

April 16, 2020— GAINSystems announced today the launch of its Payment-Deferred, Risk-Mitigated (PDRM) Supply Chain Adaptation Program. This new program builds on the company’s commitment to rapid results and client success by aligning payment of fees for GAINSystems solutions and services with value realized by the client. With the PDRM program, payment is only due once benefits are clearly achieved.

GAINSystems is known for consistently delivering solutions for a fixed fee, and partnering with clients beyond implementation to continuously improve. Its Rapid Results implementation methodology is structured to deliver tangible results in three months, front-loading value delivery either through cloud-based implementation or Optimization-as-a-Service (OASIS) for resource-constrained organizations (an advanced form of Business Process-as-a-Service). GAINSystems’ services team is inherently structured to implement GAINS and provide planning services using on-line tools. This differentiated approach has now become crucial in the current global market; it forms the foundation for the PDRM program.

“PDRM leverages our unique combination of a strong company balance sheet, streamlined implementation that is inherently remote-capable, largely self-parameterized solution, and long-term-focused business model,” said Bill Benton, CEO of GAINSystems. “As a market leader, we look to ‘serve, not sell.’ During these extraordinary market circumstances, we are taking our leadership role to the next level by taking all risk away from new clients—we won’t get paid until you see benefits, and doubling down on our current clients – we are volunteering our help at no cost.”

GAINSystems has also set up a continuous improvement program to support current clients through today’s crisis-driven planning challenges combining webinars and weekly coaching sessions to implement tools and strategies for the evolving business environment.

“The focus is to simplify decision making for our clients,” says Jeff Gosz, COO of GAINSystems. “We needed to launch an interactive way to quickly deliver value to as many clients as possible. We’ve seen a great turnout in our webinars and broad adoption of our follow-up coaching sessions. We look forward to exploring more topics to help through these uncertain times.”

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