Results-driven Decision-making for Supply Chain Since 1971



Companies can now achieve the benefits of Supply Chain Optimization without needing the resources for a new software solution. Optimization-as-a-Service, or OASIS, from GAINSystems is provided with no software implementation, integrations, system training, or taxing of IT resources–while providing real results in two weeks or less.  

OASIS provides optimized recommendations driven through GAINS® that include:
  • What to stock, how much, and where
  • Optimal Service Level Targeting for stocked items
  • Multi-echelon strategies within BOMs
    • Includes raw/purchased & semi-finished goods optimization
    • Provides optimized postponement/delayed-differentiation strategies
    • Distribution deployment optimization
    • Breadth: within regional clusters
    • Depth: global/continental/ regional/local dispersion
    • Inventory parameters such as Safety and Cycle Stock (Order) Quantities that precisely achieve optimal goals
    • Empirically-proven, not theoretical fashion
    • Includes item and supplier scale-economy trade-offs (e.g., price breaks/rebates) in light of demand and supply variability