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Manufacturers need to stay ahead of the curve. With innovative methods, new technologies, and increased competition, manufacturing companies need to produce quality products at a competitive price for their customers. Powerful, built-in advanced analytics, stochastic models, and proprietary algorithms provide manufacturing organizations with a new level of decision support to dynamically optimize the various complexities inherent in supply chain interdependencies and enable the achievement of targeted service levels, maximized margins, and minimized costs.

GAINS® functions include multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO), dynamic production plan optimization, make-to-stock/make-to-order optimization, and automated and optimized replenishment planning. The accuracy and dynamic monitoring in GAINS can dramatically improve productivity, which will lead to increased customer service levels, reduced inventory investment & increased revenues.  

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Benefits with GAINS









Key Functions

✔ Dynamic monitoring
Continuously analyze demand and supply in near-real-time to revise inventory policies and/or replenishment plans that ensure customer service levels
✔ Optimized demand planning & forecasting
Multi-echelon planning optimization driven by total (independent and dependent) demand, demand sensing & signaling, outlier detection, and more for accurate, actionable forecasts
✔ Make-to-Stock/Make-to-Order (‘Postponement’) optimization
Determine profit-optimal trade-offs between various inventory policy scenarios
✔ Synchronized optimization
Production policies, schedules, and set-ups are profit-optimally synchronized to customer orders

Industrial Manufacturing Success Stories

Graco Manufacturing
  • 26% Reduction in finished goods inventories
  • 100% complete order to customer date fill rate at 98%
  • Profit optimized SI&OP across 6 factories in 4 countries.
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Hillman obtains global visibility to their supply chain and leverages optimal customer service levels to strengthen market share of the “Big Box” retail market through implementing GAINS. Read the Success Story

Additional Manufacturing Success with GAINS

Stuller’s VP Operations stated that “GAINS has not only enabled us, for the first time in history, to consistently achieve our targeted service levels, but we have done so with 27% less inventory than our ERP system recommended.” Read the Success Story

  • 20% reduction in active inventory investment
  • Increased plant labor efficiency by 11%
  • Saved $75,000 on freight expenses in the first year
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MANN+HUMMEL (prev. WIX Filters) used the GAINS Method to not only drop their manufacturing set-up by 38%, but also drop $2.5 million dollars to their bottom line in 12 months. Read the Success Story