Press Release: GAINS Grows Greener with Each New Customer

Company Expands Solar Power Production Commitment with Each New GAINS Subscriber

CHICAGO, April 22, 2021 — GAINSystems, a provider of innovative cloud-based, advanced Supply Chain Planning, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), and Inventory Optimization solutions, today announced its continued Environmental, Sustainability and Social Responsibility commitment to invest more with each new GAINS subscriber to serve local communities and offset the Company’s carbon footprint.

GAINSystems initiated a Combined Emissions Offset and Community Center Energy Initiative in 2018 as a vehicle to grow in an environmentally-sustainable fashion while also supporting community-centric enterprises. Each community hosting location will be provided a ~20kW solar array. These generate approximately $6,000 per year in recurring benefits through reduced energy costs and solar credits for each hosting organization. This initiative targets suitable structures of budget-constrained, community-centric institutions such as schools and community centers in Chicago. Each site’s positive impact on the environment is calculated by multiplying the system’s energy production with CO2 and Trees Planted factors provided by the United States EPA as well as local standards. For example, the initial array funded and planned by GAINSystems and installed at the Wicker Park Community Center offsets the carbon equivalent of planting approximately 150 trees per year.

GAINSystems has an ambitious goal to become carbon negative by 2025 and this initiative has had a tangible impact equivalent to 600 trees planted and over 50,000 pounds of CO2 emissions saved since 2018 offsetting roughly 40% of GAINSystems SaaS subscription emissions. Additionally, as each new GAINS subscriber consumes the equivalent of approximately 1kW of solar production a year, GAINSystems intends to continue adding 1kW of installed solar production per customer.

“With the goal to offset GAINSystems’ carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world, we will pace our investment to the rapid growth of the GAINS customer base,” said Bill Benton, GAINSystems CEO. “We believe sustainability initiatives that also directly bolster the finances of worthy pillars of the community can fulfill our social responsibility mission to pay it forward both locally and globally.” 

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