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GAINS Summit 2022: Reconnect the Supply Chain

GAINS Customer Conference Returns to Chicago This Fall

GAINS Summit, our annual customer conference, returns to the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center this fall. The 2022 event will be in-person after two years online. We are so eager to reconnect with our customers that we made “Reconnect” the theme of this year’s event. GAINS customers will come together on September 28-29 in downtown Chicago to:

  • Be inspired by the latest in supply chain planning
  • Network with their peers
  • Advance their use of AI and ML to tackle today’s supply chain challenges
  • Have some fun!

Executives and supply chain professionals from distribution, wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and MRO will participate in sessions, workshops, and panel discussions to learn new ways to reconnect with one’s supply chain network and systems. From AI innovation and S&OP to supply chain planning and inventory optimization, every attendee will walk away with fresh ideas that can bring measurable impact back to their business.

From success stories to executive roundtables and practical tips, we’ll cover it all — and provide opportunities for attendee interaction with peers and the GAINS team along the way.

“It is a great pleasure for all of us at GAINS to welcome our customers back to Chicago. We are excited to host and facilitate in-person sessions over the two days of the conference and refresh our customers’ passion for the supply chain. GAINS invites our customers to reconnect as they participate in the vibrant discussions and informative sessions, consult with onsite GAINS and GAINS Labs experts, and learn from one another’s shared best practices.” – Joe Olson, GAINS CEO.

Reconnecting after Two Years Online

This year’s GAINS Summit theme is “Reconnect,” a topic carefully selected to reflect a coming together not just back in-person but with one’s extended supply chain network of partners and systems. Collaboration and interoperability are essential given today’s supply chain challenges.

Also, it has been difficult for those of us in the supply chain over the past two years. Supply chain professionals have been through the wringer, and it has not been easy. This year, in addition to the traditional Summit topics, we will also focus on wellness and restoration.

The Second City Conquers Stress Through Laughter

One of the chief wellness issues we’ve chosen to address this year is burnout, a subject many know well, particularly those in supply chain. Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling overwhelmed and resulting from excessive and prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress. We’re using this year’s featured keynote as a way to revive our spirits and share some laughs during the GAINS Summit. The legendary Chicago improv group, The Second City, will deliver a custom keynote message about burnout among supply chain professionals titled “Revive, Refresh & Connect.”


If you don’t know The Second City, you certainly know its alumni. For more than 60 years, the theater has turned out famous comedians, including Joan Rivers, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Martin Short, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler. GAINS can’t promise Tina or Steve will be at the Summit, but perhaps the next big comedy star will be. Either way, this improv group knows how to bring out the laughs!

Experience All the Best of Chicago

For many of our customers and staff, it will be their first trip back to The Windy City of Chicago. So, we have added some unique Chicago experiences to the event. Chicago, specifically Wicker Park, is where GAINS is headquartered, and we want to share our beloved city with every attendee. From The Second City’s famous comedians to a cruise along the shores of Lake Michigan to dining at some of Chicago’s newest and iconic restaurants, attendees will experience the very best of Chicago.

Spend Time with GAINS Experts

Throughout the Summit, GAINS customers can “Reconnect” and consult with GAINS’ professional services, data science, product, and executive teams. Attendees will have opportunities to:

  • Interact with new product capabilities
  • Hear presentations from their peers
  • Attend multiple learning sessions
  • Learn from GAINS Chief Science Officer Chandler Johnson’s talk, “Putting Usefulness Back Into AI.”

There will also be numerous networking opportunities and chances to share best practices with colleagues and GAINS power users from various industries.

Don’t just take our word for it…

While we think there is a tremendous benefit in attending the GAINS Summit, (we go every year) here is some feedback from previous year’s attendees

“The transparency that you guys engage in with your customers is refreshing and provides further evidence that GAINS is the best solution for our company.”

“Exciting to hear how you guys respond when we ask or share where we need solutions! Thanks for always thinking ahead of us!”

“Very engaging and timely presentation. Loved it!”

“For me personally the highlight of the 2021 summit was seeing what is new in GAINS and what may be available within GAINS that my company may not be utilizing to its max.”

“Great job GAINS team!  Appreciate all the information and guidance you all provide your customers!”

Featured Topics of This Year’s GAINS Summit Include:

  • A Customer Panel on Harnessing Today’s Supply Chain: Supply chain executives address how they manage inventory, maintain service levels, and address rising costs.
  • Inventory Woes and how to Tackle Them in GAINS: customers speak about their successes and best practices and offer new tips to manage inventory in today’s turbulent economy.
  • What’s New for You in GAINS: highlighting a new user interface, streamlining enhancements, and much more
  • The Convergence of Design, Planning, and Execution: improving decisioning across the three pillars of the supply chain requires greater integration, visibility, and interoperability. Learn how these functions work better together.
  • Managing Supply Chains Through Today’s Chaos is a two-hour interactive workshop to get you thinking outside the box on how to address new challenges and collaborate with your peers to take your supply chain to the next level.

Register now to Reconnect

GAINS customers can register for the Summit today. Accommodations are available at Chicago’s Sheraton Grand, right across the street from the University of Chicago Gleacher Center.

If you are not a GAINS customer, please get in touch with Jenny ( for more information on how to attend. The entire GAINS team is looking forward to reconnecting with you on September 28-29; see you there!