Move Forward Faster

GAINS Labs supply chain innovation

A collaborative research organization within GAINS developing forward-thinking solutions using data science teams to address clients’ real-world supply chain challenges.

GAINS brings its long-standing philosophy of democratizing supply chain solutions to research with GAINS Labs. GAINS Labs offers an opportunity for organizations of all sizes to participate in world-class, collaborative research designed to find new and creative solutions.

GAINS Labs combines 50 years of business innovation, decades of academic and real-world experience, with the latest research technology driven by the industry’s most forward-thinking, dedicated, and open-minded data scientists. 

GAINS Labs Areas of Focus

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It Begins with Collaborative Experimentation

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GAINS Labs pairs current and prospective customers with GAINS research decision scientists to pursue novel, value-driving, and sustained solutions to complex supply chain challenges.  GAINS targets collaborations likeliest to realize transformational insights.

GAINS customers can present their ideas or challenges to the GAINS Labs experts, who will further define and collaborate with the customer to discuss their desired outcomes.

GAINS Labs offers:

  • An in-house research team of domain experts and data scientists
  • State-of-the-art tools and equipment
  • A collaborative approach to research and development

Beyond technical proficiency and domain expertise in the GAINS Performance Optimization Platform, GAINS Labs researchers are leading technologists; passionate designers; software, data, and cloud engineers; and technology architects with diverse research and industry expertise.

Focused on Solutions with Real-Life Positive Outcomes

Our GAINS Labs teams are research-minded with a grounding in applied experience, strategic thinking, and creative problem-solving. Their diverse backgrounds, both academic and occupational, offer GAINS customers a unique path toward uncovering new and innovative solutions for uncommon problems.

GAINS Labs’ data scientists are aided in their mission by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools, including Deep Learning, to create complex predictive models and simulations. GAINS Labs is focused on generating valuable and viable models suitable for real-life deployment.

The Benefits of Working with GAINS Labs

GAINS customers can partner with GAINS Labs and participate in their collaborative experimentation process to:

  • Frame and define a supply chain challenge from an objective and unique perspective.
  • Eliminate the need for, or complement their internal research team or internal R&D department, by tapping into the GAINS Labs data science team to apply cutting-edge methods to solve supply chain problems.
  • Improve their problem-solving capabilities as GAINS Labs defines and develops a path to “Move Forward Faster.”
  • Develop long-lasting solutions that uniquely support their growth and supply chain performance.

Organizations We Serve

Contact us to determine if GAINS Labs may be the right fit for your organization.