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Distributors are the core of supply chains, and manage a great deal of complexity. Distribution companies require strong networks with suppliers and customers to develop stocking strategies that achieve service level objectives. How to optimize these processes suited to your business needs is the crucial component that GAINS® provides. This single-solution software takes an enterprise-wide approach to optimize every aspect to keep your supply chain running efficiently and profitably.

Powerful, built-in advanced analytics, stochastic models, and proprietary algorithms provide distribution companies with a new level of decision support to dynamically optimize the various complexities inherent in supply chain interdependencies and enable the achievement of targeted service levels, maximized margins, and minimized costs. 

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Distributors Achieve Results with GAINS









Key Functions

✔ Advanced like-item matching
Users can select a previously launched item(s) that has/have similar attributes to the new item, making new SKU additions easier than ever to forecast, plan, and stock
✔ Cross-SKUL order builders 
Efficiently meet order minimums without over- or under-ordering. Inventory optimization and inventory policy planning calculate parameters and safety stock for each SKUL
✔ Automated and optimized replenishment
Tested and trusted automation to keep your supply chain team focused on the high-priority items
✔ Dynamic forecasts with real-time simulations
Bolstered with machine learning to address almost any type of demand variation so you stay ahead of the curve

Electrical Distribution Success Stories

  • Reduced active inventory by 27% while maintaining industry leading service levels
  • Reduced planning and receiving activity by 24% so the team could focus on customer support during a slow economy
  • Dropped over $2 million to the bottom line in less than 12 months from go-live
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Using the GAINS Method to drive complete order fill rate customer service levels to 97%, McNaughton-McKay experienced a 7% increase in revenues while they reduced their inventory investment. Read the Success Story

Metals Distribution Success Stories

By implementing the GAINS Method, O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals (now Metalwest) was able to reduce their inventory investment by 25% while increasing customer service levels 15%, which increase sales by 5%.
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Steel and Pipe Supply optimized their inventory, improved buying and planning efficiency, and weathered an economic downturn with GAINS. Read the Success Story

Industrial Distribution Success Stories


Lawson Products improved inventory availability and customer service levels while increasing inventory turns, reduced freight expenses, and improved planning efficacy. Even IT concerns were alleviated while GAINS seamlessly integrated with SAP via the GAINS-SAP Integration Toolkit.

Hillman obtained global visibility to their supply chain and leveraged optimal customer service levels to strengthen market share of the “Big Box” retail market through implementing GAINS. Read the Success Story

Additional Distribution Success with GAINS

With GAINS Inventory Optimization, Benco Dental:

    • Reduced inventory by 15%
    • Grew sales 7% with near-zero expediting
    • Grew market share by 10% through an economic downturn

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  • Over 2 million SKULS and 60,000 unique SKUs maintained via GAINS
  • $2.5M reduction in inactive items company-wide
  • Increased mixed pallet density, warehouse labor efficiencies, and DC labor efficiencies

Grimco increased next-day order fulfillment from low-80% to 91-95% on a consistent basis. 98-99% of all orders are delivered within one week.

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