Mayer Success with GAINS

Increasing efficiency and embracing automation to boost customer service and lower costs

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  • Acquired by Rexel in November 2021
  • Revenue of $1.2 billion
  • 180,000 items in stock
  • 68 branches in 12 states
  • ERP: Oracle


in lowered operating costs in year one


reduction in active inventory


less planning & receiving activity

“GAINS comprehensive error analysis and dynamic forecasting enabled us to anticipate market declines and reduce our inventory investment on the right items, in the right locations, ahead of the economic slowdown. This not only dramatically reduced potential excess but also positioned us to have the right inventory, at the right location, at the right customer service level, as the economy comes back.”

Vice President, Operations

Company Overview

Mayer is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of electrical products and equipment, connected solutions, lighting, digital tools, power distribution, and automation & control systems. Mayer serves contractors, industrials, OEMs, integrators, institutions, government entities, utility providers, commercial businesses, and residential customers through its 68 branch locations in 12 states.


In the midst of a highly competitive market, Mayer was looking for a cost-effective way to maintain their industry-leading service levels without adding additional working capital. Mayer also faced unexpected fluctuations in demand due to the global economic crisis and increased lead times due to universal material shortages. Mayer searched for an intelligent supply chain planning solution to sense and respond faster to dynamic market conditions. Searching for a solution to streamline planning, optimize inventory investments, and maintain service levels, Mayer turned to GAINS.


After an in-depth market evaluation,
Mayer selected the GAINS Supply Chain Performance Optimization platform, to reduce inventory and automate planning tasks with integrated work flows. Freed up
from time consuming manual tasks,
the Mayer team was able to invest more time supporting customers offering more responsive services. With better planning, synchronized inventory, and improved service, Mayer increased bottom line profitability by more than $2,000,000 in less than 12 months from go-live with GAINS.

These savings helped the company:

  • Free up working capital to focus on customer service
  • Optimize inventory investments to lower costs
  • Sense and respond quicker to market fluctuations

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