GE Power Success with GAINS

Boosting service, uptime and revenue while reducing costs with GAINS

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  • 200+ multiyear service agreements with operators worldwide
  • Contributes more than 30% of the world’s installed steam turbine capacity
  • Provider of over 50% of the world’s nuclear steam turbines
  • Operating in 130 countries


or higher customer service levels on all orders


reduction in inventory investments


decrease in carrying costs and other operating expenses

“When providing repair and maintenance to electric power generation facilities, part availability is given. GAINS made sure we always had parts on the shelf so that no system was out of service, yet we still reduced our inventory investment and operating costs by over 25%.”

Director, Materials Management

Company Overview

GE Power is a world leader in gas power technology, services and solutions. Through relentless innovation and continuous collaboration, GE Power engineers cleaner and more accessible energy people depend on, powering growth and prosperity everywhere. They offer advanced technology and a level of experience unmatchedin the industry to build, operate, and maintain leading electric power generation and distribution operations.


Ensuring non-stop electricity requires the availability of an extensive inventory portfolio for immediate dispatch to technicians around the world. GE Power acquired gas turbine producer Alstom to further their mission to “Make power more affordable, reliable, accessible and sustainable.” The acquisition led to an increase in GE Power’s maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) needs. Faced with the task of ensuring global availability for over 70,000 parts 365 days a year, GE Power felt the need for an automated, intelligent solution to mitigate risk and proactively synchronize inventory and address service issues.


To ensure the right amount of replacement parts were available to be delivered quickly to field technicians while avoiding outages, GE Power turned to GAINS. They needed a solution that would enable continuous planning in near real-time, increasing visibility and eliminating the costly need to expedite parts.

They sought GAINS to automate supply and demand sensing, to reduce unnecessary duplicate parts on hand, and minimize stockouts across 130 countries. GAINS optimized and simulated GE Power’s complex MRO planning environment reducing their combined inventory investment by 25%.

GAINS supply chain performance optimization platform provides:

  • Real-time simulation of tactical and strategic initiatives including what items to stock at specific locations and how best to provision inventory
  • Profit-optimized inventory policies calculated at the SKUL level, considering total annual cost, targeted customer service levels and relevant dependencies

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