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National Webinar – Supply Chain Inventory Challenges That Reduce Profits in Distribution

Grow Profits, Earnings, & Market Share in Less Than 2 Quarters!
Based on recent industry research, Marko Pukklia, Director of Gartner Group’s Supply Chain Research Department, has identified the 3 Key Operational Challenges that hinder an executive’s ability to profit optimize inventory in their Supply Chain. This webinar will discuss the nature of these issues and detail how to overcome them. Marko is joined by Paul Jackson, VP Marketing at Benco Dental (the largest privately held dental equipment distributor in North America), who will document how his company was able to use ‘GAINS’ Inventory Optimization to overcome these challenges and thereby grow profits, customer service level, and market share while simultaneously reducing inventory investment and work load.
This 40 minute webinar, sponsored by GAINSystems, Inc. is a unique opportunity to understand the operational issues which might be keeping you from taking your supply chain to the next level of profitability and market share growth.

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