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Our Supply Chain DNA

William C. Benton


GAINSystems was founded in 1971 by William C. (Bill) Benton as an Operations Research and Management Consulting firm. Mr. Benton built a team of academics and inventory optimization professionals. During the first several years, the team conducted hundreds of operational research consulting projects, focused primarily on stochastic optimization of manufacturing, distribution, and maintenance and repair operations. They accumulated empirical research showing that most organizations remained objectively sub-optimized even following major MRP/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Lean Manufacturing, and/or Six-Sigma initiatives.

This evidence drove GAINSystems to constantly improve the sophisticated algorithms they had developed and to integrate and augment them to “solve for the whole enterprise.” This led to the launch of GAINS® Supply Chain Planning and Optimization methodology, a set of stochastic (probability-driven) processes consisting of a suite of models and algorithms that dynamically and automatically anticipate, identify, and manage the combined variability that occurs in a company’s flow of material in the supply chain and is inherent in demand planning. Following the packaging of GAINS for enterprise deployment in the late 1970s, GAINSystems shifted its emphasis from general operations consulting to focus on applying GAINS to solve the complex stochastic challenges of organizations trying to manage variability for every SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit) at every location while minimizing total costs.

Since shifting its primary focus to providing software-enabled solutions, GAINSystems has helped more than 500 companies improve their operational performance.