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Metalwest Success with GAINS

Increasing customer service levels while reducing cost with GAINS.

Company Overview

Founded in 1986, Metalwest has 8 locations nationwide to provide customers with expert product knowledge, efficient distribution, and value. As a leading supplier of stainless, aluminum, and carbon flat-rolled metal products, Metalwest serves customers in diverse markets, including food service, transportation, HVAC, sheet metal fabrication, construction, automotive and more.


As a processor and distributor of non-ferrous metal products, Metalwest sought a way to differentiate themselves from their competition. With intense competition from hundreds of steel manufacturers in the U.S., Metalwest engaged with GAINS to improve customer service, optimize inventory investments and increase efficiency as a foundation for business growth.

Transformation Objectives

To thrive in a highly competitive distribution market, Metalwest determined that they needed “a system to monitor and dynamically manage the company’s customer service levels and their associated costs.” Metalwest leveraged GAINS sophisticated demand forecasting and predictive analysis to develop a detailed inventory optimization plan to increase product availability and drive greater efficiency. Leveraging GAINS automation, exception-based management, real-time demand and supply analysis, the Metalwest team quickly identified SKUs, orders, and work tickets requiring special attention. The GAINS platform empowered buyers and planners with new insights, greater visibility, and suggested actions positively impacting service levels. Employing GAINS’ ability to dynamically monitor and analyze every SKU by location across the enterprise, Metalwest quickly achieved new productivity levels, increased service levels, and improved financial performance.
With GAINS the Metalwest team was able to: