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Invacare Success with GAINS

Reducing inventory investments and maintaining strong market share despite dynamic market conditions.

Company Overview

Invacare is a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment used in non-acute care settings. They design, manufacture and distribute medical devices to help people with a wide range of challenges, to move, breathe, rest and perform essential hygiene.


Ensuring a high level of service and product availability is more than just an issue of customer satisfaction. People rely on Invacare’s medical products to enjoy a more comfortable, safe and active lifestyle. In an effort to prevent out of stock issues, Invacare continually increased inventory resulting in reduced cash flow, increased storage costs and higher product obsolescence.

Transformation Objectives

Invacare executive wanted to gain insights into the tradeoffs of various inventory investment strategies to determine the best approach for raising service levels without increasing inventory costs. With GAINS they were able to quickly improve operational effectiveness.

GAINS Demand and Inventory Planning solution was used to provide: