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Supply Chain Optimization Multi-enterprise Data Network

The GAINS SCO Network is a solution that provides cross-enterprise visibility and analysis of data up and down the supply chain, and potentially laterally, to streamline immediate corrective actions and further optimize planning accuracy.

The GAINS SCO Network Collaboration Portal will provide:

  • Multi-echelon views of data across trading partners (i.e. visibility of supply chain data for the suppliers of your suppliers or customers of customers)
  • Centralized platform to execute transactional processes (e.g. placement of purchase orders, request for quotation, material returns, etc.)
  • Predictive analytics utilizing current and archived data
  • –    Across all trading partners: suppliers/manufacturers, distributors, customers, ‘lateral’ peers
    • Community Sharing: Data is anonymized and available to be viewed by all members in your Network
    • Indirect Trading Partners Sharing: Item, demand, and replenishment level data is viewable by both direct and indirect trading partners
    • Direct Trading Partner Sharing: Restrict data sharing to only direct trading partners authorized by the user