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Supply Chain Planning for MRO can be a very complex endeavor. Common challenges include: long lead times, high cost parts, multiple sources for the same part, sporadic and low-volume part usage patterns, and requirements/ preferences of OEM vs PMA parts, among others. GAINS® has functions to help address these challenges. Powerful, built-in advanced analytics, stochastic models, and proprietary algorithms provide MRO companies with a new level of decision support to dynamically optimize the various complexities inherent in supply chain interdependencies and enable the achievement of targeted service levels, maximized margins, and minimized costs.

Some of these functions include independent demand forecasting, item supersession, inventory classification, constrained service level optimization (CSLO), BOM planning, part/repair process optimization. GAINS will help to meet requirements on budget and on time, ensure repair parts availability, lower operating costs, increase service parts sales, reduce expediting and carrying costs, and increase service levels. Download the 5 Steps to Level Up Your MRO Supply Chain Performance free eBook now.


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Benefits with GAINS









Key Functions

✔ Multi-channel fulfillment planning
Dynamically optimize supply planning into the supply/DC network supporting the retail locations, which includes multi-channel fulfillment planning
✔ Scalable, multi-tier optimization
Methods that consider a comprehensive set of parameters, costs, and margins across the enterprise
✔ Compatible with any ERP
Whether your organization has one or multiple ERP systems, or even homegrown spreadsheets, integration with GAINS is data-agnostic, and is SAP and Oracle Certified
✔ Store-level inventory optimization
Ensure maximum profit (minimum cost) is achieved considering the comprehensive set of costs (e.g. transportation, handling, holding, expiration, etc.)

Key Functions

Item deployment and service level policy optimization
Ensure maximum profit or minimum cost is achieved considering a comprehensive set of costs including: carrying, handling, obsolescence, and transportation
✔ Purpose-built functions
Address common challenges prevalent in the MRO sector specifically, such as sporadic and low-volume part usage, and ensuring service part availability
✔ Dynamic inventory re-distribution
Designed for condition-based supply planning to ensure targeted service level is sustained at least cost
✔ Fully-integrated
Comprehensive multi-echelon planning solution to run the entire MRO supply chain from one place

Aerospace & Defense Success Stories

  • $186 million reduction in inventory
  • 15% increase in service levels
  • 67% reduction in under-stock items
  • 37% reduction in over-stocked items
  • 70% reduction in inventory management workload
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“Now that GAINS is installed, however,  we are able to provide the best service in the industry with 19% less inventory and 30% lower handling costs.”
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More aerospace & defense organizations who have optimized their supply chains with GAINS:

Additional MRO Success with GAINS

GAINS plans and optimizes one of the largest gas turbine fleets in the world and does it with less inventory and higher service levels than Alstom was able to achieve with their ERP and previous planning solution. Success Story

“MRO customers find GAINSystems appealing because it helps them achieve outstanding demand and overall business planning accuracy. The company’s solutions ensure customers always have parts on the shelf so that no system becomes out of service, thereby leading to improved customer service levels, significant reduction in stock-outs and related costs, and decreased inventory investment and operating costs.”

– Sankara Narayanan, Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

When you choose GAINS, you are not just choosing an optimization software, you are starting something more. We consider the companies we work with as long-term friendships and partnerships rather than just customers. We are here to support you every step of the way.