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Manufacturing Success Stories

Companies in the Manufacturing sector that use GAINS software see and average of the following results:





+ Reductions in factory set-ups, operating costs

Through implementing the GAINS Method, Invacare was able to grow market share and revenues during the 2008 recession. Success Story
The CIO at QuibicaAMF “can’t recall an IT project where I worked with a more professional team nor obtained documentable benefits as quickly as what we experienced with GAINSystems, Inc.” Success Story
Stuller’s VP Operations stated that “GAINS has not only enabled us, for the first time in history, to consistently achieve our targeted service levels, but we have done so with 27% less inventory than our ERP system recommended.” Success Story
WIX Filters used the GAINS Method to not only drop their manufacturing set-up by 38%, but also drop $2.5 million dollars to their bottom line in 12 months Success Story
GAINS reduced Alcon’s inventory investment by 23% as it takes customer service levels to 98%, 6 months from “go live.” Success Story
Graco Manufacturing
The GAINS Method not only increased Graco’s operating profit, but profit optimized SI&OP across 6 factories in 4 countries. Success Story
Hillman obtains global visibility to their supply chain and leverages optimal customer service levels to strengthen market share of the “Big Box” retail market through implementing GAINS. Success Story